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    Ahh, fantastic. I just opened the Help Menu, go figure...in the past, getting quick answers was hard pressed. Not this time pahahah. Kool points for you! Happy gaming 🤣
  2. Dragon3Jon


    Tysm, we appreciate your timely response and suggestion. We will look into it. I am very happy to know that we can rez some items in both places to accomplish our interior designs (a fav) without a whole lot tech knowledge. We usually game on mobile which is so much easier. Second Life is a welcomed challenge tho...lmao. Thanks again!
  3. Dragon3Jon


    Oof, that's a mouthful lol. I was hoping to be able to place different items in more than one location, as we have two homes to furnish.
  4. Dragon3Jon


    Hi, my hubz n I joined SL 4 days ago. While shopping for our homes, many items have subtitles saying (no modify) (no transfer). We have guessed and assumed what this terminology means inworld. Please set the record straight for us. 👌🏽
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