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  1. until april 5 i was using Firestorm, an old version that allowed me to setup my texture memory buffer to 2048, i had no blurry textures at all. But on april 5 the version i used was blocked and i was forced to update, now it limits my settings to 768 and i have blurry textures everywhere. I tried other viewers and could not adapt to it. I wonder why they set such a limit, my system is not so good, pretty old i have to say ( Acer notebook with intel HD graphics 5500, core i5 and 16 gb ram) but what annoys me is that i had no problem with textures at all until FS updates (not only the lates
  2. Hello, thank you for answering! i don't use another viewer for a long time. I use a notebook, Acer Aspire intel core I5 with Intel HD graphics, 8GB Ram. Yes, I know its not a super machine but i usually risk myself on high graphics (at least for light and materials) but even when i low the graphics settings on such crowded places, the issues persists. I checked and the chat log is active, should i disable it?
  3. Hello to all! For a long time i been noticing some annoying behavior on SL. Every time i am in a crowded place, my viewer freezes (black screen for some seconds) when i receive a direct message, or when i get a group message. It gets worse if i get multiple IMs or if the open chat is very flooded (like clubs). I use Firestorm. Any idea of what i can do to stop that or what may be causing the issue? Thank you so much for the attention
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