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  1. Hey! This solution is not completely automated, so I can't sell it as a self-contained product. I will have to do some things manually, that's why the nc tells to contact me
  2. I'm looking for volunteers who would like to copy their real life look into second life: Feel free to contact me inworld
  3. Too bad the app only works with people. However, I would love to see an app that scans dogs!
  4. To be exact, it was an SL Notecard delivered to SL inventory. The notecard prompted the user to create a 3d body scan with the app. Then the scan was supposed to be sent to me for rigging and uploading to Second Life (we don't have this part automated since this is a beta test). We could deliver the avatar directly to SL inventory, but I don't see how we can remove the app from this chain, because it is essential for 3d body scan acquisition.
  5. Thank you for your insightful personal opinion!
  6. This is "wanted" section, so I presumed that sharing information relevant to requests is allowed here. Anyway, thank you for being vigilant and keeping an eye out for perpetrators. You are doing an amazing service to the community!
  7. Hey! Take a look at how I made an avatar of myself:
  8. Yeah... we can't make an avatar of them otherwise...
  9. Already is! However, to quote the policy This service is intended for Second Life, because we make the avatar with an IPhone app and then upload it to Second Life. Can I appeal this in any way?
  10. Hello everyone, a while ago I shared a post on how I created an avatar of myself: Now I would love to enable other people to get such avatars, for free. I made a coupon and posted it to marketplace. The coupon explains how to get the avatar: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Free-Coupon-in3d-Real-Life-Avatar/20175650 How do I get people to discover this offer?
  11. Ok, but I'd like to make such avatars for other people, for free... How do I let people know?
  12. @Janet Voxel yes it would be cool to deliver personalized avatars to such people!
  13. Yes, the app itself does retop. The mesh can be further downsampled if needed
  14. Actually, my friend helped. I believe he used Avastar
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