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  1. Hi, So I signed up as a premium member about 3 weeks ago and went ahead and got a Linden home as I thought it would be a good starter. And now I slightly regret my decision because while I really LIKE my house and the Bellisseria area I am not in love with it. My question is this on whether I could do the following: Abandon my Linden home Buy a parcel on mainland Rent out the parcel on mainland Rent myself somewhere on a smaller island from someone else How easy is it to buy mainland right now and what would I need to consider in case I want to rent out the mainland parcel? Any advice welcome and appreciated
  2. okay glad this is not just me. having the same issue and cannot derezz. also taking much longer to be more than a red cloud right now
  3. This is also super helpful thank you so much. I've joined some groups now. And also things like the cafe is so good to know I didnt even think of looking for it under its nickname Belli
  4. Oooh this is super helpful. Thank you so much
  5. I do, I got one cause I went premium straight away? Is it the residents in your neighbourhood or are they just groups that people started to talk about decorating etc?
  6. but.....but.....i have no sense of direction at all.
  7. This is good advice. I think I get easily overwhelmed and I am guessing theres a thousand and one groups? Or is there an easy way to see what kind of groups exist?
  8. hi, so ive spend the last week on SL and it was a bit of a battle to understand the basics, but I finally got my avatar looking better, i get how to decorate my house etc. i am struggling though in how to make friends/where to go. i know theres a few newbie spots and chat friendly locations but i've not had much luck. any tips eg any specific locations you can recommend on where i could go? and if youre willing to be a guide/friend/someone i can chat to, please hit me up because theres so many things i feel are not that easy to get when you first start off.
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