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  1. Thanks so much for that Cindy. I asked an inworld friend & she was able to log in okay, so I was concerned it was just me.
  2. Is anyone having a problem getting into Market Place? I can log into my SL account okay, but when I try to go to MP it just takes me to MP's main, not logged-in page. If I try & log in from there it just refreshes back to that same page. What's going on? I was probably in there okay a week or so ago.
  3. I am having the same problem. My PP has CC & Bank linked, but I always get "There was a problem charging your payment method.". What was the PP setting that you found was not checked?
  4. I was logged in, then logged out, and can't get back in I see that the numbers logged in are dropping rapidly!
  5. I am having trouble buying L$ with my PayPal account. I have funds in PP and I have a CC and bank account linked there as well. I am in Australia, so my PP works in AU$, and converts to overseas currency when needed. I know that L$ are paid for in US$, but did I read right that we need to have the PP funds already as US$ before the transaction? Shouldn't PP just do the conversion automatically during the transaction? So, are there any Aussies here who are currently buying L$ without any problems - do you have to make your PP funds US$ before you purchase?
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