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  1. hi there. I am trying to work with a script that involves with putting in link set numbers to give me the option to hide or show a prim. I realize every time I relog the link set numbers change. EX; I have three different prim shapes. A heart a sphere and a star but I specifically want to hide all but the heart. I find the link set # from each prim and put them into the script as formatted and turns out it will hide the prim I did not desire to be hidden. this happens while I'm logged on configuring the process and relogging to restart the progress over again. I'm aware this is
  2. hahahahaha thank you! im not that bright
  3. hi! my received items tab just wont open up no matter how many times i click it https://gyazo.com/e0e6317ca48525b139951969df130823 I am using the firestorm viewer. is there a way i could fix this? =(
  4. i really do not understand the belleza dev kit. i had watched the video by Gaia Clary where you add the dev kit in the developer kit tab in the Avastar addon tab. https://prnt.sc/tcbhc1 i rigged my nails after doing that. then i tested on second life of the outcome and this happens. https://prnt.sc/tcbigt rigged in blender https://prnt.sc/tcbitf why does it keep doing this? is there a step i missed?
  5. I've recently been practicing making hair. However, when I want fuller hair and not have the alpha mess with the other parts of the mesh it will still proceed to do it. Is there a way i could fix this problem?
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