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  1. Oh I love that!! Congrats! I flew over today and saw the cute decor! I will say hi if I see your alt. And today, I continue my search!!
  2. I have a small obsession with campers because of all the outdoor amenities. Last night I released one in Wolfington. I maybe should have kept it. It was on water and had a linden chair on the rocks in front. It was near the water tower as well. A road away from Campwich Forest. So I am planning to jump campers now to see what else comes up. I have 2 more to flip today. I want the beach or back by Campwich, I think.
  3. I have had 5 or 6 log homes, and the ones on water for me do generally back up to the water. Is your parcel one where you can rotate the house in the house controller? I had that on 2 properties and was able to rotate 1 of the 4 choices. I think it was the Grand View in both plots. I have had one log home that faces. Most of my vics have been front facing.
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