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  1. One day I awoke to the unmistakable smell of tacos. Bleary eyed, I stumbled to the window and peered outside. A brightly colored truck with a sign that read, “Takos Com-N-Git It” stood out in the street. The spelling should have set off alarm bells but the spicy aroma drew me out of my abode. As I approached the truck, a girl wearing a CNCO tee, ill fitting pants and bright yellow rain-boots greeted me. As she turned around to grab an object, I was temporarily mesmerized by Prince Charles peering out of her pants. (Not literally mind you, his face was emblazoned on her underwear.) I began to raise objectIons to her choice of undergarments when, suddenly, everything went black. I awoke later with a throbbing head and my face smashed against the passenger window of the taco truck. We were traveling down a dark road. As I tried to gather my bearings I glanced out at the surrounding countryside. A giant bill board loomed in the distance. It pictured a man and woman kissing and mentioned something about Second Life and romance. I am not proud of what happened next, suffice it to say, I screamed like a girl. Something hit my head and darkness again descended. My captor demands that I “Find head demos” and “Ask forums what male mesh body is most supported, because you look like a clothes wh*re” Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope... or something..
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