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  1. You're not alone. I've tried creating copies for different outfits so i havn't got to mess with the HUD but I can't get layers to stay hidden, when logging back in either. When I load the HUD up, it's showing they are hidden but aren't. It's infuriating having to load the HUD up all the time and reset them. Maybe it is something we are both doing wrong but i doubt it. I think it's just a buggy product that I'm going to stop using.
  2. I have this problem too. I've copied and pasted the scripts in this article and nothing happens. I've had some experience with coding... only bad experiences though. Never managed to get things to work. Can any one give a from the ground up explanation without assuming any prior knowledge? "Drop that into a prim along with the sound file itself and click it. " How does one do this? I have dragged the sound file into the contents folder, and created a new script with the code stated. "If you don't, then either the sound file is no good " Not sure what this means eithe
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