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  1. Thank you both @Lillith Hapmouche and @Eddy Vortex. I didn't realize that was modifiable and I am glad that I can stop looking like a wookie!
  2. So I am back in SL after a 7 year hiatus and I am trying to figure things out. Mesh was just starting to be a thing when I left and boy has it taken off! I am working and figuring out my avatar from scratch, and trying to figure out what goes with what etc. I keep coming across this base I am supposed to put on for eyebrows for heads or skins and I keep end up looking like a wookie! what the what is going on with this stupid base? Is there a way to get a nice actual like bald cap or do without it when figuring out my avatar?
  3. Hi, I've come back too recently and while I wouldn't consider myself an expert when I left, I had a good idea of how things ran. I am now so confused about avatars, skins, mesh, etc. I tried a couple of demo clothes, with alphas, and none of them fit. They all were either really large in the chest and tush, or my belly stuck through the clothes/overhang the clothes. Are avatars not as personalizable as they were about 7-8 years ago? I don't want an off the shelf head and body shape that is predetermined. I'd like to be able to modify the shape and get it looking the way I want. Is that still possible?
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