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  1. I tried to stop by to check out the rentals but I couldn't find the rental office.
  2. When you say text, are you refering to text within SL? I keep my sl an rl private and don't voice or cam. I'm looking to jsut be a dancer.
  3. Im looking to work part time as a dancer here in SL. IM me inworld at pgarcia10.
  4. Thank you for your response. Here are images of the appearance tab in the SL viewer.
  5. I have BOM on and the alpha off my body. I'm still getting tattoos disappear when I apply a new one. For example, I have one on my back, and then when I apply one to my chest the back piece disappears. The same thing happens with the lower body from the hips down. This is frustrating
  6. Just trying to understand how the layers work with adding each item to their respective layers so I can get the effect I want with tattoos, clothing etc.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Do you know of any guides or videos that can break down the tattoo, underwear, and clothing layer further?
  8. Whenever I try to apply multiple tattoos to different areas of my body (back, chest, hip, ankle...) some of them disappear in favor of the new tattoo that is applied. I have the Maitreya Lara system. How do I fix this so I can apply more then a few tattoos?
  9. Pgarcia10

    Home rating

    Is there a way to change the rating of your home?
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