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  1. We are a K-pop club homed at Brilliant Swan Korea where K-pop is played 24/7. Open 24/7. DJ and Hosts keep 100% of tips. 🌸DJ ⚜️ Have own Stream ⚜️ Be capable of interacting with the crowd. 🌸Hosts/Hostesses ⚜️ Have knowledge on how to post notices. ⚜️ Be capable of interacting with crowd. 🌺 Training given if needed You can pick up a application in the club by landing at the landing point and teleporting to Kimmen K-pop Club, or IM one of the names below for more info ✏️ elleryearthstone Resident ✏️ lessstorychampion Resident ✏️ tori7894 Resident Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle of Bliss/95/161/1001
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