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  1. WOW! Caught a camper with water on 3 sides and amenities a short walk over the bridge in Wheeler! I am going to set up house and stay a bit here!!
  2. Just caught my old vic in Greyfriar near the frog pond, and such a cute area with a small water body. Will release at 6:30 SLT and continue the game!
  3. YAY! That is excellent! I will continue my game of homes.
  4. I will try for that. Looks like a perfect spot. Private and water. I could stay a while!
  5. Releasing vic in Greyfriar near the frog pond and a camper in Sheldon with a private pond near the train tracks.
  6. I like the potential of the spot lots, but I have this itchy feeling that I could find another. I have a platform I use for rezzing and little building things. So I am not sure my what my ideal spot would be. I have tried a Trad and Loghome. I am not big on the vics. Campers are cute, but I have lots of stuff. Maybe a houseboat? Game of homes is FUN! But I will keep this one until the weekend. Great ideas!
  7. I caught a loghome a few days ago. Torn on keeping it or hopping more. Game of Homes is addictive! I like it because there is a river behind it, and right out the front door is being developed and the railroad will go through. I LOVE the railroad! But the timing on that, who knows. So my quandry today is whether to let it go or keep it. Decisions Decisions!
  8. There are! I have some notecards from the Belli Citizens Group I am happy to pass you in world.
  9. I am loving my spaces inside and out! I plan to have game night outside at the house some day soon!
  10. I lucked out too! I love log homes, and hopped around until I found a lot that backs up to water. AND right in the water, down the hill, there is a portal to portal park. And across the water is a rez zone for boats. I am super HAPPY!
  11. Beautiful spot! I would love a spot like this to take a boat out from home and then sail on out to the main water. I love water. Currently have a houseboat on a small body of water...for now until I search for something else. LOL
  12. I think you are right! I miscounted. And so a question. Do I have to wait 24 hours from the time I got the notice or from the first release? I wonder.
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