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  1. I assume those are the minority. And they are "running the game" for those who are doing it for pleasure. If I own a real life casino, people come in and play card games. It's a business to me, but that doesn't change the fact that what's happening in that building is the playing of card games. But you're not making choices. You have a pre-defined goal to make a certain garment. It's not like monopoly where you can go in different directions. In SL you don't have to do things one way, nor in chess. It's not up to Lindenlab. If I made a car and called it a
  2. It's not designed for those who want some input to their senses. I could play games like SL in the 80s. I want immersive plots and immersive graphics. For those who are happy watching paint dry, SL is for you. The graphics on SL are no match for anything else made this century. You may be happy walking in SL, but you'd be happier walking with more to it. I didn't buy a computer to make it as fun as a book. I might aswell buy a book. It's fine if you're stoned or drunk to use a wolf, but I prefer things to be realistic.
  3. I shall redefine what I meant by machine. I was thinking of a mechanical device like a knitting machine, or a weaving loom. To play a game such a chess requires a computer, which has a lot more intelligence than a mechanical device. The point is whether thought is required. If it is, and it's enjoyable, it's a game. And stop disagreeing with me when you also think SL is a game!
  4. Oh my god, this is very simple, let me explain it once again. A game is an activity which you do for fun, and also involves interaction with choices. Watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a book: not a game, no interaction, the data is one way from the TV/radio/book to you. Knitting: there's interaction, but it's mindless, you're not thinking hard, you're just following a pattern. A machine can do it. Playing tennis/football/chess/scrabble/darts/solitaire/monopoly/etc: a game, it's fun and you have to make decisions to choose how it continues. Driving a car: there's inte
  5. I've never heard of anyone who doesn't call a jigsaw puzzle a game. Reading and watching a film don't qualify as games because they're not interactive. One of those murder mystery books they (used to) make for kids where you choose an option and go to a different page to end up in a different plot, that would be a game. I use the Linden viewer. I tried Firestorm and didn't like the control interface. It's possible a camera setting I changed for another reason is causing he problem. How do I record a video in Linden viewer? I can only see a button for a still photo.
  6. Political correctness is a stupid idea anyway. A good company listens to its customers. They should be reading the forums. Even the title of each thread shows if it's something they should be taking notice of. One? I've been given 50 suggestions and liked about 5 of them. I'd say I got what I wanted. Well if you're happy to play on a kids toy (get a real computer) and are satisfied with low quality graphics and poor interaction, all that says is you're easily pleased.
  7. You just reminded me of an image I saw on the internet with a naked man and a Range Rover. But this forum is too prudish to allow me to link to that.
  8. Then why not something more appropriate like a parrot? Unlike a wolf they can talk and fly, just like your avatar. I expect more from SL than a book. SL could be great, but the basics like the graphics engine are a decade or two out of date. Make it look as good as Fallout 4 (which is a brilliant adventure by the way, where you can also build stuff, collect stuff, talk to people, etc), then it will be a success. Tell me one place that's truly interactive. And I don't just mean the crap where you sit on a sofa and sort of kiss each other in an unc
  9. I do it because I want to and SL needs freedom. I think dressing up like a wolf is stupid, but I don't go moaning at anyone who does it.
  10. I do. But SL has a few advantages, like not actually dying, and not needing to go to work. If they could make SL better, it would be closer to RL. I don't understand why the graphics are about 10-15 years behind any other computer game. And why doesn't it connect to things like VR headsets? Obviously not as full as mine as I don't have the time to read these forums often. I usually wait until there's been 20 replies then do them all at once. It was on Olde English. Like Shakespeare, and I don't speak that. I couldn't tell you what thee or thou means. Is it the? It? Yo
  11. Agreed. The thing is RL has a lot more in it. And each thing is more immersive. Go sailing in RL and you don't just view it on a screen, you feel it. SL needs more, it needs much better graphics (it's way behind any other game), and it needs a VR headset or preferably a suit. I need direct interaction with the surroundings.
  12. No, I have a fuller life than you and don't spend all my time in here. Maybe that's why you like SL, because your RL sux? And I'm not translating the text in that picture into English, in fact even Google Translate couldn't work it out. And just what did a 2 second clip of someone speaking add to that reply?
  13. The stargate area doesn't really have much to do, you just look at stuff. Nothing is interactive. If I wanted to create things in my own mind I could stare at a blank screen. So you mean the bots are just people mucking about and they don't all serve a real purpose? I've only seen ones that appear to serve a purpose - a bot dog which presumably is to make the game more realistic, and a bot prostitute which was there to earn the owner money. Oh, you dress up as the opposite sex. I see. No I haven't read them, at least you admit nobody does. You nee
  14. Selecting the third standard camera (behind), walk into a wall, then rotate the camera. The camera goes the other side of the wall. Custom isn't the problem. I have the the same opinion as the Oxford English dictionary. You're not arguing about Second Life with me, you're trying to argue against an entire language.
  15. Hmmm, a previous poster said a game must have a goal. Knitting has a goal - completing the garment. So we can discount goal as a game requirement. Anyway catch is obviously a game, ask any child. Clearly one could be better than the other and be declared a winner.
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