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  1. 1) That doesn't need determination. If you're annoyed by someone using an avatar with a yellow tshirt, you have not got a leg to stand on. Be sensible if at all possible. 2) Yes I do take control myself, which is why reporting is namby pamby, which part of this do you fail to understand? No I haven't technically bought anything from Electronic Arts, but I know they're rubbish. Is SL Electronic Arts? Maybe if they employed a few more programmers and a few less people pandering to the needs of the feeble, the game would improve. I mean the graphics look like something from 20 years ago. It's only taken me a few weeks to realise most SL players (well the ones in the forum anyway) really shouldn't be playing games made for adults. I've only taken one side, stop running to mummy!
  2. 1) My house can't annoy you, you can walk away from it, clearly we're discussing things that can spam you, do keep up at the back. 2) Of course 1 a second is high, no reason for any object to do that. Ah a security system, now I understand the type of person you are. Like my neighbour in real life with a burglar alarm that detects pigeons, leaves, them forgetting the code, a vibration from a truck.... you do realise that in second life a burglar can't actually steal your objects? Anyway, there's no need to test the coverage if you know what you're doing. It's a computer program, it will work. It's not like real life where you need to check your wiring. Same, but mine are ruder than yours.
  3. 1) That's the definition of block, if they don't go away, then the blocking system is broken too. Linden obviously need more programmers and less police. 2) There's no reason for an object to be able to send messages at a high rate to one person. No idea what you mean about spoilers.
  4. Block the object in your viewer. Tell Linden to fix their system so it's not possible to send spam. Reporting every single instance is inefficient, which is why it costs so much to run the game, way too many admins wasting time policing things.
  5. Yes I had sit when away. And I think I need to invest in a faster card. I've got a 5 year old Radeon R9 280X I bought for scientific computing for £50. Actually I've got 4 of them, but only one is in my gaming machine. I'm grumbling, not reporting, there's a difference. If my neighbour annoys me, I go talk to him, I don't call the police.
  6. That feature has limits to how many messages can be sent in a certain timeframe. All Linden has to do is make those limits more sensible. Oh and allowing it to be blocked. Very easy to do that surely? You can already block a person if you don't want messages from them. Give the user the ability to block stuff themselves instead of wasting money employing admins to sort it out for them. And I'd consider it spam, not abuse or harassment. I don't report people to the police when they put junk mail through my door, the furthest I go is yelling very rude words, throwing it back in their face, and warning them it'll be a crowbar next time. You see I fight my own battles, I don't run to someone else.
  7. Then I shouldn't be reporting the object, I should be filing a bug report with Linden for allowing a script to do that in the first place. There's a serious security flaw in their servers if that can happen.
  8. If somebody has placed that in their world, don't go to their world. You do realise you can visit more than one place, right? Only if it's got a naughty word in it. Then the snowflakes start crying.
  9. I can't say I noticed much more clutter in Firestorm. The standard viewer is already cluttered. But as there's loads of things you can do in SL, there will always be many things in menus. Unless they made the menus customizable. Perhaps for every menu you could hide things you never use, and those would all go in an expandable bit at the bottom out of the way. Or make it automatic like the Windows start menu, all you see at first are commonly used programs.
  10. It didn't let me put an inline image in though, like NiranV Dean just did. Well I was getting to like Firestorm until: Every time I return from AFK, my avatar is running on the spot. It runs slower, so I can't use ultra graphics smoothly, but I can in the standard viewer. The camera controls don't have presets. Those three are enough to make me go back to the standard viewer. I assume I can edit similar files in it to turn off the nannying, I'll try later. Report an object? Why? Because it made too loud a noise? Get real. If I don't like an object, I will simply move away from it. You're always free to go somewhere else in SL. There is simply no need for running to mummy all the time. What a load of snowflakes everyone has become.
  11. I don't fall for scams. I don't pay millions to Nigerian Kings in emails either. And if it's my choice, where is the choice to remove the button? An analogy to how annoying it is would be: Imagine as you're driving along in RL, every 5 minutes there's a sign saying "Is the driver in front behaving well? If not call the police!"
  12. I don't know how you insert images in this forum, so they're on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wf8ptmossg5tsrs/object report.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhdz2zgmq1ig91v/avatar report.jpg?dl=0
  13. But you don't see the options unless you go to preferences. I could have just left them all on default if I didn't want to read through them all. So I don't see how having more options could annoy anyone. I will never need it. I do not grass people off, ever. I can sort out my own problems. This isn't real life, it's not as if I can get murdered.
  14. Yes, I see it in help, I see it when I right click a person, I see it when I right click an object, I see it everywhere! An object for goodness sake! What am I supposed to report? It stubbed my toe? I don't want this in my way all the time. And you have to wonder how much time of Linden employees is wasted sifting through people complaining, when they could be improving SL, or making it cheaper to run. I did see a funny Youtube video with one of the Avatars yelling on voice that he was going to report somebody to the police. Yes, the actual RL police. Despite him living in Ireland and the other Avatar in America.
  15. Everything I click on, objects, avatars, etc, I constantly see "report abuse" on menus. I'm not going to grass people off every 5 minutes, can I turn this nanny state stuff off please? I've changed from the standard viewer to the Firestorm viewer, and both have this annoyance.
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