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  1. as for the cost we are not really on a good ground .. we have asked someone who said it may be about 50 K of lindens , the other has mentioned that it will be of millions of lindens .. we are still trying to figure out how to create this and who will do it for us .. as for other HUDs we saw some Huds as in DCS , CCS which are 2 combat systems that are now outdated and their use has been slowly minimized and they are only combat systems after all, another we considered was GCS .. GCS can be good but, it won't be suited for RP as it is mainly focusing on killing zombie spawning in forms of objec
  2. yes that we are .. we are only trying to see how we can make the HUD and necessary equipment for the sim as of right now .. feel free to add me in-world so you can be notified once the sim starts running, we will be glad to have you !!
  3. Hello everyone .. I and my partner are looking to start a new apocalyptic Role play sim . We are trying to get it all together and we need partners , we have not the land yet but it is my first time posting here and I'm making this post to see who might be interested in joining us , The Role Play will be called " Last Stand " .. We are also looking for scripters to help us create the Role play system .. we are going to try to make it a zombie apocalypse RP sim with a lot of characteristics that defines it .. for example we will be making a crafting system , Agriculture system , scavenging syst
  4. Hi yall .. i am a returner to second life and im looking for a new job .. I have experience with management , Hosting , Writing , Dj if provided a stream and im willing to learn for any other vaccancies .. I'm a fast learner and i know very well how to deal with everything ... If needed contact me inworld Kanitroy Resident via NC or IM .. i will answer you shortly
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