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  1. ⛩️BRILLIANT SWAN KOREA⛩️ Hello everyone we are a small Korean city since mid 2020 and are looking for: active musical incendiary DJ and Hosts someone who can warm up the atmosphere and light up this dance floor In addition to the club, our city has: place of arrival store rentals Park BTS cafe and much more, something that everyone will like to apply for a position, click on the link and click Kimmen and you will be taken directly to the club. On the wall you will see a gray box with offers, click on it and take the form. Fill it out and send it to the mailbox. We will contact you later. BRILLIANT SWAN KOREA - Brilliant Swan Korea Pic - Park Pic - club pic - mailbox pic
  2. Hello everyone we are a mini community in Second Life for organizing KPOP parties and looking for all those who want to connect their life with Korea, its culture and entertainment. And first of all, we are looking for someone who could play the role of Jin, because we have already gathered all 6 members of the group. We are also looking for those who will play the role of members of all K POP groups, one member per 1 group. 💜 What does this give you? 💜 Knowledge Rehearsals Performances in the best clubs in the world Concerts and events Various tours Profit Fans and more Dive into the world of K pop, experience it for yourself and become a star. Any role will make you popular in the game world. More than 100 groups, a lot of emotions and a lot of fans Contact us: BurningStar92 Olhil Cuteflair
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