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  1. But I don't see how it's hurting those of African American descent... If you TRULY want to portray an African American and it not be a parody (or a straight up racial slur... (like blackface--man I hate even typing that)), then I still can't see how it causes any harm. I'd personally love a African American to sound off here, because as a white male, my view may very well be skewed without my knowledge. If it is, I do apologize. I'm merely offering my opinion, that you should play how you want to. We can only hope that all this terror will bring about real change. I know in the US, the coronavirus has certainly made the divide of racial inequality glaringly obvious. BLM has done the same thing, and it makes me so ANGRY that it took someone kneeling on another man's neck for almost NINE minutes to shine that gruesome light. If it takes ANYONE nine minutes to subdue another person THAT WAS HANDCUFFED ALREADY, I hope they burn. On the flip side, two of our local sheriff's deputies were stabbed multiple times by a shoplifter without them using any more force than their words. The offender's own grandmother told the police who he was and where to find him. A fur missile later subdued the offender. Both officers are alright now and have been released from the hospital. Sorry, had to get that out. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  2. ^^^^^ What they both said. I wouldn't think in bad taste at all really, no more than being a cat, or a dragon, or a genius level intellect sea sponge. It's YOUR SL, no one else's.
  3. Well your secrets safe with me... no one reads these things, right? 😀
  4. Just more expensive than clothes *laughs* I just assumed that shopping for most people meant clothes...of course, that's what I get for assuming, huh? I guess in this case, then sure, I LOVE shopping?
  5. *Laughs!* Glad you enjoy the term as much as I do! Its always great to brighten someone's day. Honestly, I'm sorry if I came across as looking for a relationship in my original post, that was not the intention, I was simply stating that if one DID occur, I wouldn't run screaming! I'll edit the original to make it a bit more clear....
  6. Ohhh, yeah, I've read that actually..... was one of the articles that actually made me super interested in sailing in SL. I didn't realize that this was the same Caroline... small world. There'd be no rush on the sailing, so like you said, when you're not doing other things. I do absolutely thank you and appreciate the offer.... Yep, sometimes I forget not everyone will know acronyms that I know, thanks for the explanation BeautifulXu!
  7. At least your proportions are dead on for an ice cream cone! There's no doubt what you are... Though I prefer mint chocolate chip myself.
  8. I think Orwar was simply suggesting that you put a bit more in the add for the roommate, though I could be wrong (certainly won't be the last time, trust me) I hope you find some folks though! Always good to have an empty house.
  9. Well, I've replied to a few of the same type of post as this one, I figure I might as well toss one up here as well... A little blurb about myself : In SL so far I've come to really enjoy some of the great djs we have here... Granted, my experience in ALL DA CLUBZ has been pretty limited to only a few places... But, the djs have inspired me to look into the ins and outs of SL DJing myself... Which brings me to the point of music; pretty much if it's got a good melody, solid hook and a good beat, I enjoy it. I'm a fan of Country, Rock (modern and classic), Blues, R&B, and some trance/techno.... Rap never really did much for me, but I can still appreciate the talent some Rappers have. I enjoy the water a LOT (likely cause I'm in Texas and the nearest beach is a 12 hr drive. So, this led me to getting something I'd never have in meatspace... Love my boat. In RL, I doubt my jeep could tow one of that size, and once again, 12hr road trip. It's a motor yacht as I had no clue how to sail (yet). I enjoy building (at least in the form of decorating... Still learning how to SL build things) I'd say likely that 50% of my time so far has been setting my place up. Shopping is alright, just not as amazing for us guys... Our options are certainly more limited, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't tag along and give an opinion. I'm inclusive and don't care about gender, sexual preferences, race, or creed. I will be up front though and say I am not a fan of the orange tweeter. I firmly believe that Love is Love, and that all of us were created as equals, even if society doesn't think so. We're all humans (irl) and have hopes, feelings and fears. We should treat one another as such, and not disposable playthings (unless that's your thing, in which case, you do you!) While I am not opposed to a SL relationship, it'd STAY SL. I'm not looking for a meatspace hookup, as I already have an SO I love dearly. What I mean by this is that if one did occur over the course of a friendship (kinda how they do in the real world), I wouldn't run screaming in terror. I'm not actively seeking one out though. Alright, sorry for the wall of text... And if you want, feel free to add me (here or in world) @Fenris4024, or just look me up in search and strike up a conversation
  10. Always great to see folks helping others. Right now, the world needs so much more of this! Wrt meeting new folks, feel free to add me, so we can meet up and chat... I'm pretty new myself, and like you I spent waaaaay too much time on youtube... I think I've got a decent handle on things (for now anyways) Love is Love.
  11. This pretty much sums up my feelings on the entire topic as well, though being new, I've not a clue to what Dinkies are (except the name of my first cat... I was six, and he was a tiny kitten... Whadya want? Lol) I could care less the what biological bits you have as long as your playing something that YOU enjoy. If you're fun to be around, I'm fine with however and whomever you wish to portray. Love is Love.
  12. If you don't mind a relative new person to hang around with, feel free to add me (@Fenris4024). I'd love to have more friends I can share and do things with In SL I'm US CST (generally AMs)
  13. Valid point. It's great to people not caring who's on the keys and generally being accepting of others, especially how today's world climate is... There's waaaaay too much hate. Also agreed that it's wonderful that people needing to connect to who they really are have SL as a platform... While I myself am a cisgender heterosexual male, I have plenty of RL friends who are trans or fluid. And each one of them has had issues in meatspace that could have potentially been helped in SL. Love is Love.
  14. While I myself am relatively new, I'm always looking to make new friends... I'm CST myself, generally on AM though. I'd be happy to meet up with you at some point. Send me a friend request or NC if you want (@Fenris4024) (sorry if the post has cruddy formatting, on mobile, and hate phone keyboards)
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