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  1. does anyone know who this skin is made by? Tried asking the poster but no luck
  2. title. i suck at making avis and would like someone to help me out if you're experienced in making avis. you can just private message me your examples of what you've done or if you need examples i can send some. and no this post isnt bs. you can check my post history and this isnt the first time ive asked for this service. the other person who helped me out has been pretty busy as of late and i need someone new. thank you. (☞゚∀゚)☞
  3. I have a friend whos new to SL they want some sort of avatar like this https://prnt.sc/10e3oaq But im not good at creating avatars I usually get help so im not really too sure on how to direct them. was wondering if someone here could help me out
  4. Well I wouldnt really know how to do that and itll probably just turn out bad like usual, ill end up spending more money than i wanted to trying to look good rather than just hiring someone to design me an avatar put together with demos that i just need to pay them for after
  5. Long story short im really incompetent when it comes to creating a femboy avatar and im tired of trying to do it so im looking for someone to hire and create me a femboy avatar im content with. very easy money for whoever is good with making avatars which a lot of you are. All i need is example pictures of what you created feel free to pm me them or post it on the thread. You do not need to tell me the parts you used until after i pick you just to secure your payment and make sure your time isnt wasted. now what am i looking for is my posted example. something similar like these will do fine. thank you.
  6. Thanks! I’ll be sure to do this when I have the time. Thank you for the advice
  7. Don’t know if this against the tos or anything , but I’m really fed up in trying to create an avatar I just can’t get it down. Offering 20 bucks worth of L to anyone who can create a femboy avatar for me that I’m happy with. All you need to do is send me some screen shots of example avatars you have put together. You don’t need to tell me what the parts are until after I pick you. Just send me a pm thanks I’ll be adding you in game afterwards to send you the money
  8. updated i got the v-tech chest along with the Maitreya mesh body and Kokota Skin when i try to put on the v tech chest it looks like a white t-***** can anyone explain how to fix this? also is there a way to make the avi stop standing on their tippy toes thanks
  9. I cant find the body im very inexperienced when it comes to SL ui and im having a problem finding the items listed in game
  10. Normal human at the moment. As for the hips I do not know, I don’t have any body or mesh head yet. Price I don’t really mind atm I heard the genus project classic is a good head along with the petite chambre koito shape
  11. Just recently started and I’d like some help creating a femboy avatar is there anyone i can add to help me out or point me in the right direction? Thank you
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