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  1. It would be nice to have some fellow irish people on my friends list Throw me some adds 😃
  2. I'll be your friend SL has been pretty slow for me so could always use more friends. As a fellow introvert it can be tough ❤️
  3. Nope cleaned cache and still the same. When i sign in im not getting any error message, it goes straight to marketplace homepage as if i was signed in? But im not.
  4. Shoot me an add!:) CelticJake
  5. Pretty new myself and still figuring stuff out. If you like shoot me and add '' CelticJake ''.
  6. Glad its not just me. Still cant login to the marketplace. When i sign it it just refreshes back to the homepage but still doesnt log me.
  7. Pretty new and have been exploring abit by myself. My landmarks are pretty empty and was wondering if anyone could show me around a few cool little spots! Send me a IM in world if you have some time, i would appreciate it ❤️
  8. Pretty new myself too. Feel free to add me in world :) CelticJake
  9. So i just bought the Jake Body and was recommended Catwa heads to go with it. Seemed simple enough until i went to buy the head and theres a billion options in the folder. I somehow now look like i have a really bad skin condition 😧 If anyones around to give me a much needed helping hand i would appreciate it ❤️
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