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  1. you can do the Abandoned Land Resale by doing support ticket many times until finished building the expressway from mainland road to mainland road or over the mainland road to port much like Janie Palmer did from the Route 8!.
  2. I'm not a bot. I'm a Real Resident. I thought these Peoples of SL are hate you 28 out 100. It's could be doing something harder than usual. but I'm starting to Stop IMing something.
  3. yes. It's okay. I'll take my responsibility to avoid detected by linden lab!
  4. no. I'll not doing this spamming thing tomorrow!.
  5. yes. utilizator Group,anico and wretch group. and I'm stopped to do spams today.
  6. yes. I'm not gonna temp/perm banned in SL sooner. if I Change my behavior. to stop spamming the group pretty seriously. It's Could be awesome and some damage in some people will be already done. for the serious thing like Griefing/Copybot and Other Serious Violation. It's will be Banned instantly without any appeals or something.
  7. if the Violation are very serious and unacceptable. they will ban from the group!
  8. I'm okay! Some Peoples doing the Flight announcement on some group is happen. but it's not apply to me? since i started to stop posting these undesired spam!
  9. ok. I'll stop it now! It was my Sudden Mood happened recently
  10. Since This Situation are happening. I'll not spamming any randoms in the future. on the IM and Group Chat. for an Reason that Happened in Yesterday
  11. yes. since i know her in 5-6 days ago. it's maybe personal thing. I'm not Doing something wrong on the group! I didn't want to banned here in SL!
  12. Yesterday I'm asked someone to buy my stuffs to make any L$. and She had no tolerant to me and She reported you for Spamming. Also on Discord. She said " I NEVER CAME IN YOUR *****ING PARCEL TO BUY SOMETHING I NEVER WANT, I BLOCK YOU AGAIN AND REPORT YOU TO LL" I think I'm at risk to get my account are Terminated. so. I'm IMed her and The Situation isn't solved yet!
  13. Asked Question on the Group. For Discord Waiting for someone reply soon!
  14. Why There's no GTFO Road Hub at Rez Zone with Docks? in Bellisseria? I think There's no Bellisseria Rez zone on the GTFO Hub Database? so. you can do an GTFO Haul From Heterocera to Jeogeot by Road and Passing the Bellisseria Roads by rezzing an GTFO Vehicle on the Rez Zone and Load the same cargo to The Elms. and fly me to the Ahndang to Load the GTFO Cargo to the DestinatioN!
  15. Hello Everyone and Linden Moles I'm hoping there's High Speed Train in SL that runs 200 km/h Inspired by Chinese High speed rail system and There's Long Bridge between continents and Continents! Also an 4 lane highway with a Long Bridge between continents and Continents! Inspired by Chinese Expressway System built by linden! as an Great Wall of Second Life at Heterocera Extension to Sansara It's improves an transport efficiency for gemc semi trucks and infinity semi trucks also There's Long Highway inspired from Seven Miles Bridge in US Between Sansara and Jeogeot passing Bellisseria Linden H
  16. https://caravanistan.com/transport/driving/kazakhstan/ Another information about the speed limit of the Kazakhstan!
  17. I think There's Hololive's Persistance in Second Life as well. including Watson Amelia and Friends here!
  18. https://www.unescap.org/sites/default/files/Main Report - 1 May 2017.pdf Read this Documents about the DEVELOPMENT OF ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE SAFETY FACILITY STANDARDS FOR THE ASIAN HIGHWAY NETWORK!
  19. Please Bring Back an self-anointed Police Group to enforce my Proposed Speed Limit on the Mainland Road as an Roleplay for something!
  20. maybe gear 1 is approx 30 km/h gear 2 is approx 40-60 km/h gear 3 is approx 50-80 km/h gear 4 is approx 60-100 km/h gear 5 is approx 70-130 km/h gear 6 is approx 80-200 km/h for example
  21. The Second Life Roads has mostly 2 lane and It's no clear speed limits for the car drivers around the sl mainland and private regions around second life. and I'll suggested an Speed Limit of Second Life Mainland to enforce with SL Highway Police Groups around the Mainland Regions. The Speed Limit of Second Life Mainland is Inspired from The Russian/Kazakhstan/Ukraine Speed Limits. The Suggested Speed Limit of Mainland Second Life are followed below 30-60 Km/h (18-38 mph) City/Community Area and Linden Homes Roads 50-90 km/h (31-56 mph) Linden/Private owned 2-4 Lane Roads/Highway (out
  22. my Land Price Reduced to 9000L$! and I'm attempting free the land tiers to reduce my land fee in my account!
  23. LAND FOR SALE Good Jeogeot Roadside Land. Ideal for GTFO Hub near Ramie! for 18000L$! Access to the Route 9. For More Information please Contact anuk2939mk2 Resident via IM! thank you. SLURL:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solbim/187/226/51
  24. It's very useful if they added these regions as the seven miles bridge from Sansara to Jeogeot passing Bellisseria. including more Traditional linden homes and Boathouses with shipping and sailing regions. It's very outlandish idea for linden to build The Road Bridge for Cars here.
  25. What happen if I'm getting stalked by someone. and using sex hud without consent! can i report if there's problem persists?
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