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  1. can we please get linden sales lol, just like imvu how credit sales. omg that would be amazing
  2. fukgrl

    nail help

    I was wondering if someone could help me get started making nails, i really dont know where to start, and would love to be taught....♥
  3. https://prnt.sc/sw68hm it says you are banned from this region when i try to tp on any amestate lands
  4. i cant go anywhere besides events......
  5. yes hopefully i hear something soon its like they’ve been online every since
  6. yes point me in the direction
  7. so recently ive been getting a message that says banned from region its from ATMstate, ive contact the land owner its been a few days no reply can they lift the ban? like i dont want to have to spend more money making another sl account. is there a email i can contact?? Someone help me :///
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