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  1. So after installing the old version and curshed again we tried to re-install the latest version and there is no problem now. But really no idea what happened and how we fixed it. I am afraid it might be happening again.
  2. We tried to install a previous version of Firestorm, it worked so fine for a while then crushed again and now again cant log in. Keeps crushing after loading screen. Need some help
  3. She has no alts and only happens with Firestorm on pc, when she tries SL viewer on same pc or Firestorm on laptop it works just fine.
  4. Hello Cidny thank you for your answer. Yes you are right but I only wanted to help because I also follow up the steps and tell her what and how to do. I can make her to upload screenshots and etc. if its needed and if someone has any idea about the issue. I also understand this forum is for Second Life viewer but saw other viewer discussions aswell.
  5. And now it just crushes after the loading screen
  6. Hello everyone, My friend is using a Mac and yesterday she couldnt get in the game. After the loading screen Firestorm keep scurshing. Then I have checked for some solutions and try to figure out what to do, also asked some in game friends. And we did the clean install thing deleted all settings and cache then installed the Firestorm again. This time the game loaded and says something about region media that would need bandwith etc. like the regular but when she clicks on screen it to allow or deny Firestorm crushes again. Need some real help here its something about the Firestorm fi
  7. Hello everyone this is Thronduin, I might look young but I am experienced, quick learner, and always motivated. I am social, out-going person love to meet new people and explore. I love listening to music, mostly Blues, Rock&Roll, oldies and had better times with metal. I can work 2-4 hours a day and sometimes even more like up to 12 hours (sorry to say this but thanks to pandemic) I would like to work as a host but if you are eager an patient to teach me new stuff and train me I can do your job. So please contact with me in game, and I buy beer to first to write
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