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  1. I'm shy and wanting to figure out bloodlines as well but not knowing where to start. If you need anyone to wander with, I'm jeni wolf or jwolf2262 in world. Feel free to IM
  2. Ha, I just bought the thirst hud and am now in the same boat as you - too shy to approach any bl players and ask what the heck I'm supposed to do with it. Am I supposed to beg someone to take away my humanity? I may never know lol.
  3. I'm pretty sure there's this little thing called patience that people don't have these days - and that's no fault of yours.
  4. Newly for sale grassland plot in Elsa, very quiet neighborhood with nice houses surrounding, friendly neighbors in the area. 656 m and 225 land capacity with a pretty ocean view, while set into a hilly area. Price set to 1500L, objects not included sorry, no covenant, Moderate, any questions please get in touch with me, Jeni Wolf (jwolf2262). I'm still out and about in the parcel and willing to answer questions inworld. Thanks and take care Grassland Parcel, Elsa (210, 20, 70) - Moderate ps, I think there is land right flush against the border of the plot that one can purchase as well
  5. Great little parcel newly up for sale at $1,500L. The parcel is snow land, 512 m, 175 land capacity. It's a little quiet neighborhood in Disl, anyone I have met on the nearby road has been kind/respectful, Moderate content and covenant free. I've landscaped a little bit with an ice platform and there is a Primrose home set on the ice block for you to keep if you'd like - items set to use. Cute and comfy getaway. Any questions, you can contact me, Jeni Wolf (jwolf2262). Thanks and take care PS, there is another plot directly adjacent to this one that is also for sale at 7000L by anothe
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