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  1. Yes, it's mainland haha. I almost didn't buy the spot for that reason, but the view of the water was just so beautiful to me. 😍
  2. I've changed the theme of my sim three times now, and every time I change my house/landscape, she also changes her house/landscape to the same theme. And for the last house, I had renamed/relabeled my house items (more manageable for me to find in my inventory should I need to take it.), and she bought the same furniture and renamed her items with I labeled my stuff with ....even down to my dog's name lol. That doesn't necessarily bother me as much. Interior design relaxes me. It just feels like she's being nasty by blocking my view of the water. But, as the others above have suggested, I'll derender her objects. Thanks, everyone!
  3. I'll check him out, thank you! ^^
  4. I'll do that. Thank you so much! ^^
  5. Hi SL friends, I've been playing SL for a little over a year, and I found this lovely space to build my sim. I've had this land for a few months now, and I've noticed my neighbor copies everything I do - which is fine. But lately, she's been doing stuff like this. Placing these giant screens that are invisible on her side but visible on mine. Does this type of thing often happen with SL neighbors? I'm curious to know. I want to have a peaceful and enjoyable time on my sim, but I feel she wants to create drama. Weird.
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