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  1. Two amazing locations back for rent: Flamingo Bay - Jeogeot Gulf Amazing ocean views and access to Bellisseria. On open Rez Zone of Jeogeot: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FOR-RENT-FLAMINGO-BAY-on-Jeogeot-Gulf-WarZone/24822991 Habana Wheels - Route 7 Roadside property on Rez Area on Route 7 - Gaeta V. Ideal spot for driving hubs (GTFO, GridHaul, pump / gas station, MiniMart, Drive-Ins, Garage, Car Shop): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FOR-RENT-HABANA-WHEELS-2528sqm-867p-ROUTE-7-ROADSIDE-Twenty6/23993710 All parcels are landscaped for home/private use, but all items (including nature & homes) can be returned for you to create your perfect spot. All properties are from Twenty6 Rentals
  2. LAND DETAIL ------------------- Size: 2816m2 Prims: 966 Price: L$795 per week On protected Linden land on the Jeogeot Gulf, watch the big ships' battles from your front garden or go ahead and rez your own! Fully landscaped with a furnished Mediterranean villa, surrounding garden with natural pond, and parking/stall space with a scooter rezzer. Ready to move in. NB: All items can be returned (house and landscape included) so you can make the space your own. Your host Kina Clip is available to assist you with any help you need. ** Management rights** Control land options with full Media/ Music rights. Invite guests/friends to the group so they can rez. IM or Notecard Kina Clip for more info.
  3. Welcome to TWENTY6 Land Rentals! LAND DETAIL ------------------- Size: 1488m2 Prims: 510 Price: L$450 per week Protected waterfront in Sansara. Fully landscaped with a furnished summer cabin, outdoor pool and shower, private beach docks and JetSki rezzer. All items can be returned (house and landscape included). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alston/90/70/22 Please IM/NC Kina Clip for more info
  4. This parcel is fully landscaped with a private beach, docks and small house. Own protected waterway to guarantee sailing. ALL can be returned for you to create your own place! LAND DETAIL ------------------- Size: 1248sqm Prims 428 Cost L$ 425 (Per week) SAIL TO BLAKE SEA AND BELLISSERIA Region: Satori LM: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sibernicus/53/28/15 MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FOR-RENT-SHANTY-SHORES-SAIL-TO-BLAKE-AND-BELLISSERIA-Twenty6/24021241 IM: Kina Clip or Connorboy26 for more information
  5. Update on that TV I linked + some looking around MP. That TV syncs in the sense that you can auto-play to start the video at same time however it will not synch pauses etc. There are enough free ones (IM if you need URL) that act as simple YouTube script object, however withou sync option. Honestly I returnd that TV as clicking a button together is the same as clicking play together, plus nobody really controls the stream which is what I was looking for. Deimos has some TV with real sync, they have been around for ages, however price tag is a little different.
  6. Following as I am back after years and looking for the same solution. Looking online I found this, it has good reviews, but I personally have no experience with it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Easy-YouTube-TV-Video-Television/10361649 Comments say it sync perfectly. If you have found anything pls update thanks!
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