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  1. Hello guys! I'm looking for a unpack script only work with HUD "click to unpack" or when the object or hud is worn automatically send the content or folder and detach seconds later. If the object or hud is rezzed automatically is deleted. Where can i find? In markeplace are not modify, no custom or dont have all options
  2. Hi Quarrel, but that files is outdated skeleton and NOT working with recently bento skeleton of sl (avatar_skeleton.xml). I check the file... I will explain... The change with the classic skeleton with volumen bones (fitted), the bones had custom shape (circles and lines, I think the lines are the classic bones and maybe the circles the volumen bones, or inverse) and maybe they use the shapekey for fitted. Only for this big problem with the bento skeleton rig is broken, the last month I'm learning about the Armature for blender user. That files not working for all blender user right now,
  3. I've been trying to fitted with the bento female skeleton, but is broken, the last year I read about fitted and rig without avastar, but now I can find the files with skeleton fixed. Where Can I found a way? Please dont avastar method. Thanks!!! Thanks
  4. HELLO i looking a bento female skeleton non or without avastar. Please, I try to avatar skeleton from sl but in blender 2.8 is broken and the same from sl wiki.
  5. Hello all, please i need your help about the process of low poly and high poly clothing begore to rigging with a video tutorial. I know about one on youtube or vimeo i dont remember that make a dress an sculping in blender a later create the high poly... Any have this tutorial where I can found?? Maybe is for more 5 years old THANKS or other new tutoria is well
  6. Hey guys, I created my own clothing from zero in blender 2.8, I looking the way add more thickness to the cloth. What is the better option for this in blender?
  7. Thank you! i will put in practice. Can you tell where i can find that video? i cant find. Ty
  8. Ok, then you recomend make clothing model First right? DONE. About the Sculping, I have Sculping the cloth before with the obj or later adapt the clothing to new mesh body?
  9. Yes, but now I dont want to use MD, I want create the clothing from zero, If use slink as base.. but later mmm.... If the adapt to another mesh body with different shape.. I see how will change all objects, make another 🤔🤔🤔
  10. What is the ways more easy for adapt a clothing to different mesh body? I'm start to designer clothing and get something dev kit, then i created a mesh cloth to mesh body, now if i want adapt to another body o can make that the most possible better and exactly??
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