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  1. ALL LIVES MATTER implies the statement BLACK LIVES MATTERS denounce or doesn't hold as much value in the lives of other races... Which it doesn't and never has.
  2. This might not be an option for you, but Shadowtech is a good service. Depending on your location and wifi speed, of course. You could run pretty much all games on a potato given that said potato is connected to the internet. I use it whenever a game is out of my spec range or I have to pull out the old burner PC while updating my main. I've tried it with SL and it works well, no lag or stuttering.
  3. I'm glad that my $200+ order is finally moving in transit again after having been stationed in another country for nearly a month and a half. I thought about cancelling it several times but I knew I would have less to no lucky finding the items locally either, so finally my patience paid off.
  4. Thanks! I haven't been to that one. I will check it out soon.
  5. I put off joining SL for ages because I was under the impression it was only for people who wanted to socialize. I had seen it called a 3D chatroom before, and that's never been my thing. I tend to keep to myself most of the time. Anyways, I did join after a Youtube video piqued my curiosity. One of the first places I went to was an amusement park from said video. It was fun. I've been looking for more and have found some, but would still love recommendations to other amusement parks or anything similar that would be fun for some solo adventuring. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
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