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  1. Heyyy, My names Xiola and im looking for a soulmate just because its pretty boring exploring and shopping by myself. Im chilled and cool to hang out with but sadly for the boys im into girls so lool im sorry. BUt if u wanna know more about me IM me inworld and that is me.
  2. HEYYYY, im soo bored i need some nice and outgoing friends welp im ghetto so you might have to get used to me. names Xiola ...i hate it lmaoaoao but uhm you can find out more bout me inworld. Ciao
  3. Hey, im looking for a bestie to chill with and tell my worries too lol. im chill, funny and disgraceful lmaooooo but I be real helpful if needed. girls and boys are okay with me u can IM me inworld if so or just message me on here ..WHATEVER U WANT MANEE. Im from Tennessee but I stay in Atlanta also make edits for peoples photo if they want (repaint) you upload I do up so yhhhhhh tell me wassup lol.
  4. im good with them and sure
  5. oh yh dont worry once u IM me ill tell u everything and also show u the place
  6. I need a roommate, my place is a sky box with two bento beds with animations also a tv that u can watch youtube...or whatever also want to make friends with whoever is interested (GIRLS ONLY)
  7. im looking for job don't matter what it is ill work.
  8. im looking for job don't matter what it is ill work.
  9. no its for vloggin cuz I do youtube...but uhhh okay ...I used to do sims movies but this time im moving on from that and these responses are seriously funny
  10. FUTAS OR DOMS I don't mind I need a gf
  11. do u want rent out of it or is it free cause I also need a land mate
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