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  1. Well this raises a lot of questions... you'll probably need to add in your support ticket: a) Do you have any idea which specific event they were talking about? (seems like something adult, when's the last time you visited an adult region?) b) Do you have pictures from that event? c) What were you wearing? (mesh body, mesh head, clothes...) d) Was anyone with you? Can they corroborate your story? Good luck getting your account back! Edit: I just checked the 1st thing they said. Maybe it wasn't you, it was someone else dressed inappropriately. Can you check if anyone else you were with has been banned?
  2. SassySam87


    Been mentioned a lot of times already, but Doux hairstyles seems a bit similar to what you have on, if that's what you like. I also like Olive, Mina, Ayashi and Limerence, Moon, Truth and Navy+Copper.
  3. I wanted to make friends (not doing a great job of that so far...) and I wanted to get involved in the community I think my first post was something about how my avatar looked
  4. I'm probably bringing up a wrong example, but maybe furries? In RL it's seen as weird to dress up in an anthropomorphic costume but in SL people won't treat you any differently. Not saying being a furry is wrong or anything, just that it's seen differently in the virtual world compared to the real world. Dressing up in clothes from any culture, even if it isn't yours, should be perfectly acceptable in RL as well. It's unfortunate that some people make it seem bad so that people are afraid to do it.
  5. Maybe try Sprit skins? I've never used them myself but they look kind of realistic to me.
  6. Sure, lots of people in SL choose not to switch to mesh. Makeup is slowly switching over to bakes on mesh or using omega appliers which can be used on any head. Although some creators make appliers for specific heads.
  7. Unfortunately, mesh heads are some of the most expensive items in SL. If you really can't afford it, you can try to wait until Genus is back (which might take a while... at worst, a few months). Their free head is really good. Or you can continue with classic avatar.
  8. find them here: https://secondlife.com/destinations/fashion/mesh
  9. In addition to the brands listed above, there's LAQ, Akeruka, Altamura, Genesis Labs and all sorts of other creators, but they don't have as much support as the big three. Try to check out stores and demo whatever looks good to you. For your free heads question...Genus had a free head at their store but now that it's shut down you can't get it until they reopen Akeruka has a special head for their group. It costs L$151, L$150 to join the group and L$1 to buy it from the vendor You can check out whatever's on this list : https://ryanschultz.com/2018/09/24/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-free-mesh-heads-and-bodies-for-female-second-life-avatars/. Keep in mind that some stuff is now unavailable. Atm Lelutka's heads are priced at L$3990 until further notice. When the genus store reopened after the first dmca, the heads were priced at L$3300
  10. I need to get me some land with an owner who'll pay me for staying there ASAP Also, WTF are the comments under that article? So far I've read about three marriages that broke up because of Second Life?
  11. Holy moly everyone's avies look beautiful I'm embarrassed to show mine now
  12. No love for this masterpiece?
  13. Well... I don't even know what this thread is about anymore
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