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  1. No no I'm not looking for that or any sort of relationships.. I'm just looking for someone to hang-out with & talk to when I'm online.
  2. Hello! I'm Bella ( BellaRenner ) Looking for Friends or Familly to hang out, Currently i dont have any single friend lol yea so IM me to have a talk or smtng.
  3. Hey| I'm Bella ❤️ 20 years old RL I am looking for a MODELING JOB - Small or Big brand ? It doesn't matter - I just want to have fun and make some money too ^.^ I have a Belleza bento Body & Genus strong face I do NOT have an experience in MODELING - It will be my FIRST time - although I learn pretty fast ☺️ CONTACT ME INWORLD: BellaRenner Resident FACEBOOK: Unoon Lnlee
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