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  1. How do I renew my Premium Membership? Is it billed automatically from payment method on file? Will I get a notification when it is processed?
  2. Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Very informative and I agree if it were on the SL side there would be a lot more having the issue. One of the reasons I asked this was to see if there were and maybe if just more from my area. Knowing that would help narrow the possibilities. At this time I am inclined to believe it is something more local to my location. Thank you again for your time and effort.
  3. Thank you again. I will take a look at Nalate's article. I do appreciate your and everyone's time and assistance.
  4. Thank you for your insight. I've been monitoring it closer and while packet lose has not been any higher than 0.4%, my Ping Sim value has jumped to over 2000 ms at times. I am on cable internet. I had my provider come and check lines at my house. They replaced a couple and put new connectors on some. Said all was testing properly at the time. But I am still experiencing problems randomly. I am in the SE US so wouldn't expect the same issues encountered by those over seas. It is interesting that SL switch to the 'Cloud" seems to coinside with these issues, but I'm not Tech savvy enough to know why that would be. I can only assume it is something more local to my area as others I know on here aren't having the frequency of disconnects I am.
  5. Had another disconnect. I noted that on the viewer 'Statistics' window I had open; Packet loss was still 0%, but Ping Sim spiked to 1000 ms.
  6. Thank you for your time and advice. I am generally able to log back in immediately to the location I was at when the disconnect occurred. I have tried restarting my Modem and Router multiple times since these disconnects started. The router I had went kaput and I have replaced it with a new one (NetGear AC1600 WiFi Router, model R6260). I hoped that might have been the problem, a failing router, but problem persists.
  7. Thank you for your time and assistance. I will keep it open and see. Should it do so and the number is high, where and/or to whom should I report it?
  8. Thank you for the tip. I will try to keep that open and an eye on it. Packet loss steady at 0%; Ping Sim is averaging between100-125 ms with drops and spikes from 91 to 225 ms
  9. Thank you for your assistance and advice. There is a application called 'Predator Sense' that gives Temperatures. I just had another disconnect and it indicates CPU: 56 C, GPU: 54 C and System: 39 C. I have noticed those temps to be higher, mid to upper 60s at times for the CPU. I will look into having someone more qualified than I clean my laptops cooling pathways. Trouble shooting the SL connection: I went to 'BandWidth Place' and selected 'US - San Jose, CA' in the Server selection drop down and received the following results: Download: 29.87 Mbps; Upload: 3.19 Mbps; Ping: 90 ms. I know that is not necessarily very good, but is it bad enough to be the issue?
  10. I get random crashes too. They are usually followed by a 'BugSplat Crash Report' popup. I have been sending those in. My computer is a Predator 17 with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, an Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz processor, and 32GB DDR4 installed RAM. I am not really very Tech Savvy so I don't know how good or bad all that really is. I assume is more than adequate. It's about 4yrs and 3mnths old. I purchased it in early 2019. Thank you for you assistance.
  11. I have been experiencing random disconnects for a few months now. 3-5 a day on average. Sometimes several within a short time period. Sometimes hours apart. They occur in various regions and SIMs. And in both low and high lag environments. I have not been able to determine any kind of commonality or consistency to them. I am using the latest Firestorm viewer (Firestorm-Releasex64 but these disconnects began while on the previous version and have continued with this latest version. I've been in contact with Firestorm support and they explained to me the difference between a 'Crash' and a 'Disconnect'. I have experienced both, but disconnects seem to be the greater problem. Evidently disconnects are much more difficult to trouble shoot. There are warning signs when a disconnect is about to occur: I can not post to 'Nearby Chat', HUDs will not respond, and can not move forwards or backwards only rotate view. Then the screen will freeze, go black and white and a window will appear (see attached screen shot). I was wondering if there were any known issues that might be causing this problem for me. Thank you for any assistance or support you can provide.
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