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  1. Is there a way I can communicate from one object to another object from anywhere in-world Given- >I have key of other object with which I want to establish communication. >I am not in same region. llInstantMessage, have limitation as we can send message but can't make other object listen to that message, no. I don't have external server to communicate through http, no. llEmail, takes 20 seconds to complete communication, no. So apart from these three can we make it possible?
  2. Thank you guys I made it easily after merging both of your codes and andding my twists. And I found this(LSL Editor) magical debugger tool that helped me analysing further errors and fix them, highly recommends to all scripters 🤩😄 https://sourceforge.net/projects/lsleditor/
  3. I am not getting access to nested llDialog buttons. Do I have to use different listen channel for nested llDialog menus? Or should I use a different state to handle all the sub menus from all buttons? Or there is more efficient way to do so?
  4. ronXt

    List Limit

    How much data can we store in a list? (Assuming the list have only string data) And if there is a limit, how can we find it out before it go overflow.
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