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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cassowarry/128/128/60 Nice green land, road nearby. Come check it out! - 65,536 sqm - 22,500 prims - Sale Price: 99,000L
  2. Hi there, I have a full mainland sim that is deeded to a group. I contribute all of the land use to the group. How do I change the group without incurring additional land use fees? I tried selling the land to myself for $0L, but I got a warning that I would be placed at a higher land use tier. Figured this out... I had to go in the group and reduce my contribution to 0 sqm in the Land tab. Once I did that, I was able to sell it to myself without incurring any additional land use fees. My understanding is that there is a grace period before LL steps in if a group does not have sufficient contributions for it's land. Thanks!
  3. Yikes! That's terrible if I last owned mainland say 7 years ago to still have this billing date set in the system. Although it's so illogical, expensive lesson learned. 🥴 Thanks to all who helped clarify this for me. 😊
  4. Just an update: support was not very helpful at all. They gave me a general answer that I must have owned mainland already. It seems they have not done any research to verify this. I had mainland with monthly fees at some point years ago. I had at least a 3 year gap where I was not active on SL with no active premium account or any land whatsoever. I just returned this February and reactivated my premium account in March. They surely can't be referring to the fact I had possibly owned some mainland years ago? Now, I had opened the ticket on the 19th, with no activity as yesterday, the 23rd. I started a online chat yesterday (the day before the set billing date) to follow up. I got the general answer which I responded to. Now, I just received an email saying the chat created a duplicate ticket which was merged. However, the tickets now show closed and marked resolved with no further explanation. 🤬 Very frustrating...
  5. Thank you! I did not know Skye made a water kit. I have a waterfall kit from Skye with some lovely water in it, so I'm sure this will be perfect.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for nice quality prim water for use on mainland? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for your help. I'm definitely not planning on selling or abandoning. I think you're right, that I'll end up having to pay on the 24th. But, I sent a ticket to billing support to see what they say. The billing policy is quite confusing if they're considering the $0 tier level as a recurring monthly fee.
  8. On the second life billing policies page, the language makes it sound like if you don't have a recurring monthly fee, (which I didn't, because my land use was at $0) the land use fee would be 30 days following the first purchase of land that incurs a monthly fee. "Land Use Fees will be billed 30 days following the first land purchase for users not already paying recurring monthly fees. Land Use Fees will be billed on the first billing date following the in-world land purchase for users already paying recurring monthly fees."
  9. Got tired of crappy landlords price gouging, so I acquired a full mainland sim on the auction site today. My previous land use fees were $0 for a 1,024 sqm parcel I own. I just noticed that my account summary page says my next billing date is 6/24. So, does that mean I'm going to have to pay $175 after bumping up to this new land allotment for only 6 days? 😭
  10. Nope, not Ravenglass. It seems like the R in question is having a mass exodus. I have been keeping an eye on their full sim listings and competitors. They went from 1 or 2 to currently having about 20 full regions available. Other landlords with fair practices have little to none available. Goes to show what the greedy 1000L per week increase did for their business. I have about two weeks left on the tier box and I'll be moving on after that.
  11. Contact me in-world if possible
  12. I can understand that concept and empathize with their struggles during the lows. I don't think it's a bad thing to increase the prices, if the market allows for it. The issue I have, is with the way they are treating me as an existing customer. Applying such massive increases on a weekly basis is worrisome. It shows no value in me as a customer and destroys any rapport that I felt. LL may have raised prices at some point with no notice, but I doubt it was a weekly event. There is no balance in this approach. It's a pure money grab, plain and simple. At the end of the day, they are running a business. There should be some regard to keeping a loyal customer base and not souring relationships with customers who supported them during the lows. There could be a way to roll out an increase with existing customers that isn't a slap in the face every week. When does it end? We don't know... I would just have to check my tier box every week.
  13. Yes, I have been looking at options. As soon as my remaining time gets closer to running out, I'll be seeking another alternative.
  14. I agree! I checked my tier box again today to find a third 1,000L increase. This seems to be a weekly event now. I'm sure they would not appreciate LL raising their fees without notice with the same excuse. I doubt I'll be sticking around once my time runs out.
  15. I rent a full region from a large landlord. I've been with them since Feb. They are using the sudden "upswing of the SL economy" (their words) to gouge rent prices. They are increasing tier on a weekly basis now. My tier box has been updated with an extra 1,000L/wk tacked onto it 3 times so far. The last increase was a week ago. They give absolutely no notice and make no announcements regarding this taking place. This is pure greed and I expect this will continue. What if LL raised prices on them with no notice, with the same excuse? I can't wait for LL to make additional regions available. I will no longer rent from these people! I'm sure I'm not the only one upset by this and good luck to them in the future.
  16. I rent a full region, and the tier has been increased twice in the past month @ 1,000L/week each time. When I asked about it, I got some canned response about how the LL economy is the best it has been in a decade and yadda, yadda. The shortage of new regions will continue to drive up the rental market, no doubt. The landlords can do what they want. I'm pissed and will probably take my business elsewhere.
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