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  1. I know of a couple, but my favorite is called FABglitter. It's a fun place that get rocking around 10 pm sl time. the club changes it's appearance quite often, One night it might be a clearing in a forest or dockside at a wharf. It is also a fun atmosphere, one night one of the gals was passing out little planes with bunnies flying the planes. Cool [lace super nice people who know how to have a good time
  2. I found a fun place called” BARE SUN BEACH “ Bare Sun Nude Beach is only for Girls: Straight, Shemale, Lesbian, Bisex and Herm. Male Avatars are not allowed. Here is a link to a YouTube video and there are other links listed there as well https://youtu.be/Wjmd3bjrZyw
  3. Imagine that ...a dead link http://world.secondlife.com/place/e5a056ff-c8d2-4b16-9b03-d376e5470d18
  4. Yes I find it very frustrating....they want to make sales....sell land make money. I just want to go to a place where I can easily find a place to unpack my purchases . I've been two months and this simm is not user friendly at all to a new player.........should have a button some where called "UnPack" that would teleport to a place where you can unpack rez or were ever to use the stuff you just paid for..........If you make this too dam hard how do you expect to attract and KEEP new players. A destination called public sandbox would be a real PLUS in this Simm I'm ready to just quit and fi
  5. Well Mery maybe if you would have thrown out the acceptable term instead of beating around the bush so to speak...those folks wouldn't have made the mistake. And blowing up like a party balloon with with your rant did educate anyone, or advance the cause. maybe a paragraph on how you and the rest of us would like to be referred to. I've most probably been dressing longer than you have been alive....so when you get older and get a thicker skin you'll do just fine I think and not be butt hurt in the future. best of luck to you and may you have a good journey in life. Trish
  6. Just joined second life a month ago.........still learning the ropes......but like in real life second life has folks like you that make fun instead of reaching out and helping new people
  7. On the man page up at the top click on "Advance" and click Set Ui size to default and that should make the tabs and view like it was when you started Second Life...
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