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  1. Actually I have a Maitreya Lara body now (updated) and that free Catwa Freeya head. Using the HUDS, I was trying to match the head to body but kept getting a line so decided on what I thought was BOM skins, but they replace the classic system skin. The dragon icon layers (tattoo layers), don't seem to have full head and body that match. I was trying to use them for make up, but this was where the problem came in. It appears the HUDS place whatever type of layer over everything else and I can't seem to clear them without having a jacked up appearance that I have to keep fixing whenever I l
  2. Am I supposed to be saving different HUDs I use for every look I want saved? Reason I ask is that I can't seem to save exact outfits with the appearances thing when using BOM. It affects the lipstick for instance in all outfits even if I only intended to change it in only one (if I use a HUD). Also instead of trying to match head and body skins with those dragon looking thingy's isn't a full system skin better, and won't this work as a base for BOM?
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