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  1. I guess it might be because I am a very private person in real life, but I really do not like it when people I do not know show up in my SL house. To me, my house is something to hide in and decorate as I see fit This is all the more important to me because I am unable to afford my own apartment in real life, and my SL home is something that allows me to pretend that I do. I used to have banlines but I hated just how ugly it looked. Now that I have a house on Bellesseria, I just lock the doors and set the security to only allowing myself and those that I add.
  2. The name Huor is from the Silmarillion. A human male, he was the father of Tuor, who was the father of Earendil, who was the father of Elrond and Elros. I actually came across that name due to an Elf-name generator at least a decade back and have used it as an ingame name ever since, but have since gained a deeper understanding of the name and character after reading the Silmarillion. As for Spinks, it was just a random surname that I thought sounded cute.
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