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  1. Much appreciated, i'll give those two Knowledge Bases a good look. I'm going for the Market Buy like you said.
  2. I'm not the owner of the actual bank account but i was given permission to buy some Lindens once and then remove the payment information after i get them.
  3. Would removing my payment information from my Second Life account get it locked after i get the Lindens? Thanks for the answer earlier : D
  4. Is it possible to buy Lindens as a one-time payment without any recurring payments for the Premium Membership plan and/or any other recurring payments that can occur as a result of buying Lindens? I just wanna get some Lindens for some items i wanna buy but i don't wanna get charged monthly/yearly indefinitely. I know i can remove my payment method but i don't know if it will stop Linden Labs from making recurring costs to my paypal/bank account or if my Second Life account will get locked or not.
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