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  1. yes lol, i used imvu for years and tried giving SL a try, but was so confused. im still confused lmao but im loving SL much better now
  2. Ambsz

    Catwa HUD help!

    Omg thanks so so much!! i appreciate all of that, didnt realize i could buy those so thank you for being so informative and patient! The closed eyes appliers seem to do just what i was looking for.
  3. Ambsz

    Catwa HUD help!

    yes can you explain more please, im sorry!! i think im using an applier skin though? i have blush i purchased and used the catwa head HUD applier to apply my blush and lipstick my skin says its a catwa mesh head applier, not sure if thats helps or not
  4. Ambsz

    Catwa HUD help!

    yes, it seems like. im just not sure how to remove it, when i fiddle around with skin on the HUD it changes my whole face skin so im not sure how to mess with anything to remove it
  5. I applied lashes i bought but im not sure what i did wrong? It seems like some old lashes are on my lids, but im not wearing any other lashes but the ones i bought?? Sorry if i worded this confusing, hopefully the pic helps. https://imgur.com/a/bfpl1qT ( zoom in )
  6. i was!! lol thank you!!
  7. my hands seem to be glitching...it wasnt doing this before. anyway to fix this? https://imgur.com/vJiHeGl
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