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  1. Perfect! Cannot wait to hear from you Miranda. Leigh I have traveled to many different places and have met a lot of people. Thanks for the tip on Paris and New orleans
  2. Heck yeah! I went down the list and added some of you including Cristiano Midnight. Nice thread!
  3. Hello, Allow me to introduce myself. I am Damian Cross I have been a warcraft veteran for 10 years and am seeking something new and sociable. I met a group of friends that were able to turn my old account around to fit the style of second life and I am looking to expand and meet more players just like them. I am east coast but I am always up pretty late. I love discord/chatting in game. Anyone up for hanging around or just need someone to talk too I am your guy! I am one hell of a social butterfly and am always looking to chill. In game name should be the same Spartanxx. Send me an IM or add me up.
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