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  1. So if I make it so it is exactly 0 left, it doesn't do anything?
  2. Hello, so the other week I tried to take out money from SL as I had been earning it slowly. I regret this deeply. First I gave my information to Tilia so I could process the money. It all went fine but then I was never able to add my Paypal to SL for some reason. I can't use Skrill for other reasons. So I tranfered my money back to SL and while trying to see if there was a way to delete my Tilia account I found this. " How can I avoid the inactivity fee? If your Tilia account is inactive for a period of 12 months, you are charged a small, monthly inactivity fee of no more than $3
  3. Recently got the Legacy body. I am just simply looking for cute outfits and shoes. Thank you in advance ❤️
  4. Hello, I made another thread about general RLV. But we are looking for a specific one as well. A chastity one where she gets full control but I don't. Any cage that can do this is fine, I am willing to buy a suitable *****, but mention it as well. It is a big bonus for smaller one as I am a sissy.
  5. Hello, I have had a SL account for a long time now but I haven't been on much. Recently I got the firestorm viewer because of the RLV feature. I was simply wondering what fun RLV huds there are for me and my dominant to use? Any suggestions are allowed, I am not going to limit you to anything. But it could be good to note that it is a Findom/sissy relation but we also do other stuff together.
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