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  1. Dancing, exploring, dancing some more ,fending off fratboy chats, and then exploring some more And finally trying to get to grips with customising my avatar.
  2. I came to second life a week or so ago to escape from my 1st life, and to have experiences that would be impossible for one reason or another otherwise. During the last week I have met some absolutely delightful people, found some extraordinary locations, and bought and acquired some clothes and house furnishings. i have found groups of people who are accepting of my limitations, and others where the phrase “ignorant, intolerant and bigotted” would appear to be too mild a description. I have strapped on gossamer wings and soared like a bird, i have danced the night away at a gothic rave held in a castle. I have discussed philosophy with someone who looked an lot like a furry teddybear. I have been propositioned, offered a job, walked along sandy beaches and rocky trails. And yet... How old are you where you from? what panties you wearin (Seriously?) tp me you dom me you sexy, we *****? why you no voice , you guy!! ( im not but thats my business) those are Still the most popular questions I have to fend off whenever I wander around. Luckily a friendly guy ( i think) gave me some awesome advice on dealing with this sort of thing and its working. My observation so far is that far too many people think of this as an extension of their first life, which is fine for them but not For me. I live my first life, and so far I love my second life. But please don’t expect me to accept your view of how things should be, and don't expect us to meet up in real life Or chat on the phone.
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