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  1. It's ok i made it work
  2. Hello everyone. I need help. I've wanted to have more fps on SL and someone told me to clear the cache. I did it and now the world and my char are loading extremely slow, barely can see some grey textures and a tiny bit of colours every now and then. I did this on Alchemy viewer. I have high speed wired internet connection, windows 10, rtx 2060, i5 6400, 16gb ram. I've tried everything : low graphics, high bandwith, low populated areas such as my house but, restarting, nothing worked. If i log on Catznip everything is back to normal so i'm pretty sure its only the Alchemy viewer. Thank you in
  3. Of course, i ll try to learn this world and find out mesh and clothes in the meantime!
  4. Looking for any job. I'm a quick learner and i'm new to this world. I'd like to make some L$. Anything besides porn related jobs
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