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  1. My mini PC "Minisforum Z83-F" has been able to upload and download everything on the Second Life including blender and now Avastar. I was surprise how well it's been doing. I'm not endorsing but rather I'm simply sharing and posting how I'm keeping the cost low.
  2. I recently had a chance to install SL on my MINIS FORUM Z83-F and it works well. I know residents have tired USB plug in and what anything. This experience is as close to a SL tablet that i know of. No problem with it and look forward to upgrading.
  3. Hiring SL Creator whom can recreate the coffee bag for inventory.
  4. In need of a creator to create the coffee image for inventory. Be creative while working for us. I hope all of you will be inspired by this image that creativity does farther than this. You can ask how ever much you believe is a fair cost. Visit " Caffinna" at any of her social media to learn more.
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