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  1. Well if you read what i said search for specific genres for example i just typed in indie 2020 and got a ton of indie songs released in 2020 ie https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWWkGXMGv9j4M as i said you need to put work into it but it not hard to find music.
  2. The biggest part of being a DJ is being able to pick songs that you know people like and to stay up to date with the latest music in the genres that you spin this involves some work.. visiting different sites that have the genres of music you like and doing a little searching for the genres you like. Since you mentioned in indie search google for indie Radio stations these can be good source for finding new music just look at there recently played list . Beatport another https://www.beatport.com/genre/indie-dance/37/top-100 has top 100 latest indie dance tunes for example. Spot
  3. Well this topic is old but to answer your question yes dj's are suppose to obtain there music the legit way and there tons of ways to do this from DJ pools (there allot of these just do a google search) to streaming services such as beatport link and soundcloud+ though to be honest this does not really matter cause 99% of the clubs on SL don't actually have music/streaming licences to broadcast music to public audience anyway..
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