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  1. Thank you all so much for the amazing responses. I'll try to follow some of the things you suggested i guess it's harder because i'm more of a hands on learner so i guess learn by examples YouTube will probably be the best thing but, the people that do make YouTube tutorials. Usually make them for people who are already familiar with SL so they use language or talk about stores or products that i haven't even heard of until i watched the video. But, i really do appreciate all the responses so far i'm loving the community it's very welcoming. Sincerely, Polyhymnia3
  2. Hello, Everyone in Second Life Land i'm a new second life user just created my account yesterday and i'm in dire need of some assistance from anyone with. Customizing my Avi i'm a previous IMVU user and to tell you that i'm overwhelmed would be an understatement i've spent at least almost $80 on this game and have gotten nowhere. So I've decided to ask for some help from anyone who is very experienced with second life specifically the newer version if it comes down to i'll even cashapp you $50 to help me. I know that's desperate but, i'm out of options here i have no clue how to navigate this
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