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  1. I don't socialize very often in SL, so I haven't had a chance to match people's profiles to their behavior. I have noticed the "no drama" ones a lot though, I see shape shifter and I assume they are referring to roleplaying. I sometimes see ones that are outright rude, and wonder why they want to spread their own form of hate to others. My own profile is pretty bland, it just lists what I like to do in SL and that I am not very social - just for the sake of others who may try to engage in conversation with me. They probably have severe anxiety, and chat makes them feel uncomfortable. I can relate to that, people can be kind of scary sometimes 😜 It is hard to describe the origin of such anxiety, probably just being different and not fitting in with others. For me, it is weird that they would say local chat specifically though, I feel more uncomfortable posting in private messages and would prefer to use local when I do chat. Perhaps they are afraid of others listening in and judging them, who knows? We anxiety driven people are a strange breed, I tell ya 🙃
  2. Dreamgrid is nice, I have it running on an older laptop. Fred recently implemented smart start which makes it easy to have a lot of different regions on your grid, it is like how Kitely starts their regions when you teleport in. It is nice having several regions available for me at any time, with no cost involved. There is a ton of content out there, especially from dreamgrid to use. I have the old slum city in one region, with a zombie game running that I designed, then a huge open area just for sailing on a boat I purchased from Kitely, plus I have a fantasy themed forested area.. not to mention the freebie malls provided by dreamgrid, then also a farm. I also have Hypergrid enabled, and like exploring different people's regions. They rarely are populated though, but still it is fun to check them out. I know there are activities that are scheduled though, I just like large random gatherings which are more predominate in SL. SL is my favorite though, it feels more refined there is always something going on, the market place has more to offer, it feels more alive. Plus, I like the mainland too much, I enjoy driving along the roads and exploring everyone's creations.. plus boating while often a lag fest in SL, is more enjoyable due to the same reason, there is a lot to see and it is always changing. Plus I have yet to find a decent fishing system in OS. The only thing I really like about OS over SL, is the free land.. well that and NPCs are a nice addition for gaming. I wonder if SL were to ever go open source, if people could likewise run servers on their own computers and if so how they would curb piracy. I think if it were as a last ditch effort, it would retain a lot of people, but content creators would not be too pleased I'm sure.
  3. /me moves head toward screen and takes sniff *sneezes* I didn't realize my screen was this dusty, my avatar smells like electronics.
  4. I would still play MMORPGs, but I haven't found anything nearly as immersive as SL, especially when it comes to user generated content. I don't think SL is going to go down anytime soon though, thankfully.
  5. I wonder if SL were to go under, how many people would migrate over to OS.
  6. My prediction is that I will still be enjoying it, and hopefully still will be for the rest of the decade.
  7. I'm speaking in general, the metaverse appeals mostly to a younger audience and retains such a demography. As people grow older, they are less likely to feel the need to log into one and opt toward a 2d environment to socialize with others. The metaverse simply does not appeal to as many people as they grow older. I find a metaverse environment is more immersive, and that may be a flaw in of itself, and I blame that flaw on society in general being much more asocial than we had originally thought. I gather that opinion from the trend of people embracing automation, as well as preferring to work away from others, and so on. I think even having a virtual 3d meeting place for employees would be less desirable for most, as they would rather maintain a less immersive environment. Buuuuuuuut.. this is my own opinion, which clearly is formed from my own bias and observations. I think it would great if we could have an actual study to determine why the metaverse has not been as successful as I had hoped it would be. Personally, I think second life should be far more popular than it is, I am surprised more people have not embraced it but, after seeing how people behave toward one another online I attribute it toward such behavior which tends to be anti social in general.
  8. The metaverse will never really advance for one reason alone.. Most people don't want to deal with others, we can see that happening now as automation slowly takes over, people would rather work with machines. The only place you typically see such a desire is with a younger audience, who will likewise over time come to the conclusion that they would rather not put up with other people. The dreams of the past were fatally flawed because of the fact that most of us can't stand one another. Even on this forum, most people can't stand one another and threads often result in long winded arguments.
  9. From my own experience, Singularity is the fastest viewer available - with the exception of Alchemy. Alchemy doesn't see very many updates though, while Singularity has nightly builds you can download. Catznip was not any faster for me than Firestorm the last I tried it. It is a great viewer though, and has a lot of support behind it - and a lot of people find it faster on their computers. LL's viewer is not significantly faster than Firestorm for me. With that said, all of the creature comforts of Firestorm make it impossible for me to quit it I just turn the LOD way down, drop the draw distance, and make a few other adjustments if necessary when the lag gets too intensive. For those of you curious, you should just try as many viewers as you can find, and decide for yourselves. People have different experiences with viewers on their computers. While Singularity might run faster on my computer, you may find another viewer that runs faster.
  10. I usually just buy my linden, although I do enjoy earning linden through fishing or Lindo. I wouldn't really consider those as jobs, just entertainment for when I'm bored. When I'm playing Lindo I typically will spend what I have earned on tipping DJs and Hosts. I always feel bad when they are working hard, and few people are on the dance floor, and most are just botting away to make a few linden. Most of them are pretty good at what they do too, so I think they've earned it I haven't considered a job in SL otherwise, I don't think I would make a great host, plus I don't like being confined in one spot for to long. I could possibly, start playing around with mesh and try to sell stuff but I don't think there is very much money to be made doing so. When all is considered, an hour of real life work gives me enough linden to pay for my skybox, and have a couple thousand linden left over to buy things with.
  11. I never knew Ebbie, but I have appreciated SL since I have started using it and he must have played a large part with that. I'm sorry to hear that such a great guy as well as a significant part of SL has passed on, my thoughts go out to all of you. The stories I am reading from all of you, show that he was an amazing person and you have done well in showing the rest of us that.
  12. I mention SL to others, but unfortunately most of the people I know just want something that is simple to play around with. The things that I love about SL, are the same things that they would rather not be bothered with. The people I know, in general, want a streamlined, simple game that does not take very much effort on their part. I don't think there is anything we can do to change that, not without destroying SL in the process.
  13. I think what is more likely, is people get really excited and then disappointed when they find out that it is fake or that there is another explanation that makes more sense. Fear is not a factor, it is just frustration with being disappointed constantly when it comes to things like UFOs, psychics, ghosts, etc. Personally, whenever I see new evidence now I think it is exciting, let my imagination wander, then start investigating what other people have to say about it. I never fully let myself go and believe it is real without first seeing if there are other explanation. I would rather live in a world with aliens on earth, psychics, and ghosts - unfortunately that just doesn't seem like it is the case. I think it is more scary to think we are alone on this tiny blue dot, that aliens will never rescue us, and when we die that is the end of it all.
  14. If aliens did exist on our planet, I wouldn't blame the powers that be for keeping it closed off to the general public. I always thought people would be able to handle it well, however, after seeing how we have handled elections, and a pandemic, I no longer have faith in society as a whole and could see having that kind of knowledge would drive members of our society to insanity and violent acts. I remain skeptical that they exist, because people are prone to error, and also prone to jump to conclusions. If aliens really existed, and the government knew about and unleased all of their evidence, I would expect more than blurry pictures and accounts from pilots. At the very least I would expect high quality pictures, especially considering how many cameras we have today. What we almost always get now, are still the same kind of blurry and out of focus pictures we have been seeing for decades. With all of that said, I do think it would be awesome if aliens have been hanging out with us for years, I mean unless they were satanic space lizard humanoids that wanted to enslave us.. because they are really lousy at robotics and ai. But, considering we currently are worried about robotics taking over the jobs in the US, I think the enslavement angle is a bit off - I would expect space travelling aliens to be far more capable.
  15. I thought those bubbles looked familiar 🙃🤣 I think I changed the alpha level on mine a while ago.
  16. The youtuber Thunderf00t ruined the whole thing for me, dang him and his agenda to stamp out all of my fun. I was hoping they were real, and would take me away from this crazy world.
  17. Mine is kind of boring, and will not be winning any awards.
  18. And this was the point that everything spiraled off. I was there, that fateful day of the 26th in May.
  19. I've found no difference in my earnings, after spending nearly 3,000L on a fishing pole for a certain, very popular, fishing game in SL. I did find that it did nicely increasing my total rank, which I was told would eventually lead to an increase of earnings - but it would have taken a long time to reach that point. Mind you, that pole was at the lower end of the fishing rods available, if I wanted to place a high rank for the month it would have required quite the investment, which would be well over 10k linden. What bothered me most about that game, was not even the lousy earnings, I was mostly just doing it for fun. It was how buggy the poles were, and how often I would cast my line only to be met with a message that there was an error connecting to their server, which would result in having to wait for over a minute for the fishing pole to initialize. To be fair to that fishing game, I did not want to invest that much money. I'm not sure how much one could earn by investing a lot of money in it. From my perspective, it was not worth the expenses. I eventually opted for another fishing game, which did not offer upgraded rods, which sold bait for a lot cheaper, and even then the earnings were meager. I did find I earned more linden though the less expensive fishing game though. I mostly played it because I just enjoyed it, the linden I earned was only pennies on an hour of playing - and if anything I had spent more on hosting my own fishing events. My own experience is, don't rely on fishing to earn linden. If you like to fish, then sure, go for it.
  20. My favorite is the mesh Ruth avatar, is listed here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sweets-Ruth-20-BoM-Bento-Mesh-Body-w-Alpha-HUD/18832067 It includes an alpha layer, that you can configure by a HUD. This avatar is also capable of BOM, which provides you a lot of options. The cost is 1L. Try it out, perhaps some of those outfits that you purchased will fit with a little tweaking. It will not look as nice as the more expensive mesh avatars out there, but it is very flexible and in the right hands it can look amazing.
  21. It is probably better to err on the side of caution, rather than risk your account. This is especially true if you are constantly being informed by people that they are going to report you. I would love to go all bravado, and tell you to stick to your guns and not let anyone tell you otherwise, but that could be at your expense. If it were my account, I would not risk it. There is always a lot of interpretation left in internet rules, and what could be considered acceptable and harassment is not in general, bound by legal systems.
  22. I just checked out IMVU to see what their landing page was like, they also have a video showing avatars doing various things. SL has their video beat, I mean, they really put a lot of effort into it and I appreciate that. I won't ever really see it, unless I open it in Microsoft Edge, which I never use, and remain logged out, but I do think it looks really impressive. World of Warcraft also has a video on their landing page, this must be a new thing virtual worlds are doing. SL is keeping up with the trend, and did a good job of portraying a message in a short video clip.
  23. While I think it would be a fun region, and would probably spend time exploring it - I did enjoy your post. I like reading up on the history of SL, there is so much out there that I missed out on. I think the chances of it ever happening are slim to none, but the idea itself is fun to explore Your post complimented the entire concept, and I appreciated it. Not to discredit the humor of rabid cheetah, it gave me a laugh. I don't think anyone believes this is something that will ever happen. - hippy dreamer
  24. I agree, but it still really looks pretty to me. I just pretend we are back in the 80s and use a lot of mousse 🙃
  25. Can animesh be scripted to follow physics or does it only work through an animation? Also if it can work through physics, I wonder if we would have the same problem of it flowing through our bodies as we do with flexi-hair.
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