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  1. In the worst case scenario where SL made this mandatory, you could use an authenticator on Windows 10.
  2. I still have my SecurID token from years ago, I remember getting it also gave you the core hound pup. I just pulled it out of my drawer to see if it was still working, and it is not. I believe the last I checked was about two years ago and it still displayed the numbers. I think I got it back in BC, so that little token must have been running for nearly a decade. I remember many years ago, I worked in a call center and the majority of my calls were for synchronizing SecurIDs, that must have been around 2005 or so. People would use them to connect to through their VPN.
  3. The two step authentication process has been in use for a while now, I am glad SL implemented it and wish they provided the option for actually logging into SL itself rather than just the website. It provides an extra layer of security, which I find a little refreshing. As far as how it works on other services, when I try to log in from a remote location my phone will ping me asking for authorization which is actually kind of nice. If you have a google account, and want to see something scary, look at the history of where people have tried to log into your account. Chances are you will see a few from far away lands. After I saw mine a few years ago, I started to use the multi-factor authentication on most of my services.
  4. I would prefer it if they did not. I do expect eventually, there will no longer be privacy on the Internet regardless and at some point SL will have no choice but to enforce it. I think they already have my ID, because of Tilia so it is not the end of SL for me.
  5. I'm a SL virgin, and intend to stay that way 🙃 In my older linden home, I did wake up one morning, with a stranger standing over my bed, but it was a PG bed. He said something about drinking my blood.. I think that is the closest I ever have gotten to any action in SL 🤣 He may have been there for hours, because I left my computer on over night it was kind of weird or just a really strange coincidence.
  6. I have pandora playing in the background, while I am wandering around SL and appreciating the serene landscapes. At this time Jack Johnson is playing.
  7. I have three stamps so far, looking forward to collecting more 🥰
  8. If the game is muted, and this is on a new computer with a freshly installed viewer, I could only guess the sound is coming from another application. I wonder if you have an attachment that is opening an external browser that is playing advertisements. I'm not sure if that is even possible or not though.
  9. @Sid Nagy Well said, I feel that way with most forums now as well as social media. The strange thing is, the desire to communicate with strangers over the internet persists, even though I can guess the sort of replies I will get, as well as usually guess the motivation behind the replies, that desire to talk with others lingers.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I don't mean to dismiss it as you took the time to provide your solutions - but for me it just doesn't work. I have little privacy in the house, and the point of the thread is I would like to have the option to block threads so they no longer appear and such precautions are not necessary. Personally, I don't like scoping out the house to make sure no one is close by before I check for new threads on the forum. I understand the best option is to just to avoid the forums entirely, rather than chance embarrassment by my family, but I still enjoy reading some of the threads here and keeping informed of what is happening in SL as well as participating with other people.
  11. Yeah, but that doesn't prevent my family members from seeing them.
  12. I enjoy visiting these forums, but I don't want to have someone peeking over my shoulder looking at my screen and seeing some of the controversial subjects that pop up here from time to time. Not to mention, I really don't want to see some of them myself.
  13. This looks like a lot of fun 🥰 I spend most of my time in SL exploring, so I will definitely pick it up
  14. It is better to just drive through Bellisseria if you want an unhindered driving experience, that goes for flying as well. If you want to go through the mainland, a wearable vehicle will provide you a superior experience if you are soloing it as crossing sims will not result your vehicle bugging out and going out of control. Flying through the mainland is better if you have a HUD to display where known security orbs are, but I find it to be pretty slow to display such parcels so not really worth it - again Bellisseria is where you would want to fly. Boating I haven't had too many problems with, I just move slow through tight areas. In Firestorm, I typically will bring up the land window, which in turn displays highlights of property lines so I can avoid them while boating. Someone suggested purchasing your own region, which understandably is an expensive ordeal for a lot of people. If you want to, you can set up your own racing tracks and land for free by hosting open simulator, I would suggest dreamgrid as it is easy. I have done so, and find it nice when I want to fly, drive, or sail around unhindered and without lag or sim crossing bugs. I understand the frustration, it is annoying to be sent to your home point on a moment's notice, often accompanied by a rude message from a security orb. Ban lines haven't been as much of a hindrance for me. I also understand these people are paying for their land so we are guests if they leave their land open to us. If they don't want us there, then we really have no say for it, as we don't pay for it. Find ways around it, because it is not likely to ever change and not worth getting upset by it. Happy driving, boating, flying 🤗🙃
  15. For solo cruising, I find wearables to be a superior experience as far as roads are concerned. My favorite wearable vehicle is from {what next}, it is a scooter that includes a hud that will allow you to travel at a decent speed. Otherwise, I really enjoy my teegle horse, which is also wearable. Regular vehicles often result in catastrophe while crossing a sim, while wearables handle it fine. I've given up on flying in SL, due to the multitude of security orbs that will kick you on a moment's notice, and as far as boating I only have the experience of a few low cost boats. My own experience with vehicles in SL, has been subpar, with the exception of slow moving boats. When driving a vehicle, I will often find myself crossing a sim only to discover that I continue to drive unguided, off the road, through buildings, and if I am lucky eventually being pulled back to the original point of the sim I crossed at a dead stop. Typically, I just find myself sitting in place, far away from where I started, unable to move, while my vehicle has vanished somewhere. In those scenarios I have to teleport to regain control of my avatar.
  16. I'm horrible at taking snapshots. I'm exploring the newer Bellisseria fantasy themed homes with my horse 🥰🤗
  17. I am really impressed with the ramdisk so far, I brought my cache down to 2.5gb and created the backup on my SSD as it was much faster of a process. At around 2gb, it does have a noticeable impact on my restart time, for me it is almost 2 minutes from shutdown to rebooting to the login screen on windows 10. I'm okay with that, since I reboot infrequently. The change is worth it, as my fps has risen dramatically. Where as I used to have my draw distance set to 64 and I had constant lag, I now have it to 128 meters and it runs much smoother with hardly any lag. With 4gb of ramdisk, and about 3gb used, with a back up on my HDD it took nearly six minutes to do an entire reboot.. that was a bit too much for my taste, thus I switched over to SSD and brought down the size of my cache. I think I might just disable the ramdisk from saving my cache to the SSD entirely as it really is not necessary. My internet speed is fast enough that it doesn't take long to fill it back up.
  18. I've just created one on Windows 10 and it is much faster than from my HDD. I am currently using 4gb, but I think I'll try to bring it down to 2gb to see how well it works. Now I just need to find a way to ensure that it saves my contents to my HDD rather than SSD on shutdown Thank you.
  19. I wonder if setting up a ramdisk would be a decent option, it would be erased every time you restart your computer though. Honestly though, I rarely have to restart my computer now. I have more than enough ram to setup a 5gb disk, which should be sufficient. It would be fast, and wouldn't wear out my SSD which would be nice.
  20. I think you have a lot of great ideas, but the problem, as far as I believe, it is that people generally gravitate toward the simplest solutions they can find. SL is a relatively complex platform, that takes users months to understand. I think, that if SL wanted to attract more users they would have to streamline the platform to the point that it would drive a lot of us off, but even if they did take that approach it would not guarantee a larger audience. SL is a product of its time, and I love it for being so. I would hate to see it chopped up and put back together to make it resemble modern VR platforms.
  21. Usually slightly pitched above the head, a short distance from my avatar. When I am exploring an area, and just want to soak in all of the environment I typically move my camera to the left of my avatar, it makes walking a little more difficult but the view is so much better in my opinion because my avatar is out of the way. I would use mouselook, but I enjoy seeing what is around my avatar. When driving, I usually have the cam zoomed out pretty far - unless I can use mouselook. I prefer mouselook when on my wearable vehicles, as it works pretty well, that and my houseboat which has large windows and moves along slowly 🥰 This is one of my smaller avatars, I usually use while fishing. I have a HUD I typically use to store all of the camera positions as well as adjustments I need to use, although as posted above Firestorm now has presets which do the same thing now, which is great.
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