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  1. Since I have changed my cache to run on a ramdisk, I almost always have it set to 128m. I like to explore a lot in SL, so I am constantly on the roads, train tracks, or air and having that range set is nice as I like to enjoy the scenery. When I had the cache set to an HDD the viewer would choke up, even at times when I was at only 32m. 256m is doable, but the hit on the FPS is not worth it. I'm running on an older 1050 TI. At 128, most of my graphics are set to mid range, and usually I can get 30+ FPS while cruising around the mainland, sometimes going below 20 in more laggy areas. Bellisseria usually is below 30fps. The difference I have noticed though, is even when the FPS gets low, the viewer does not stop responding entirely repeatedly. The main bottleneck of my viewer at the time, was fetching the data from the HDD I believe. It is far from perfect, but lower FPS does not bother me as much as it does others. I mean, I would prefer it being higher with a further range, but with my computer it just isn't going to happen and the tradeoff of FPS for range is worth it.
  2. Eventually, I'll setup a dualboot. For now I am only working with a 128gb SSD drive. I will stick with windows for some games or apps, but I like to have an operating system I can tinker around with - even if half of the time I goof it up. Chicago 95 fills me with nostalgia, I doubt it would be my main theme, but I have enjoyed XFCE in the past so it shouldn't be too difficult to swap around if I want. I can imagine playing around with dosbox a lot in the above though - I would have to get the right start menu button though. I've tried to play around with WSL, but it goofs around with virtualizing on virtualbox and I would rather have fast emulation than WSL, plus I was not a fan of remoting into linux on my own machine, it would get slow. So far Windows 11 appears to be more or less like Windows 10, at least from what little research I have done. I did not like the start menu being stuck in the middle, and I usually arrange the taskbar to the top of the screen. I think that can be changed now. By 2025 I imagine I will have gotten a new laptop to replace this one, at least I hope so this thing is already about four years old.
  3. A little off topic, but something I have been wondering about for the past few years. With the advances in artificial wombs, and how soon it may likely be that pregnancy is no longer necessary - I wonder what sort of ramifications this will have in the near future. Will it soon be a requirement to transfer the fetus to such a womb, and will both parties involved be required to pay for the expenses until it grew to be 18 years old. It further introduces even more questions, such as how all of these children will be taken care of if such mandates were made, I wonder if there would be enough foster parents to take care of them all.
  4. It is nice that you are taking into consideration the people who are addicted to Gacha and spend a lot, but according to LL this style of selling items is fine. If it is an consolation for you, the people will know exactly what they are getting and if they really want the item they will not be spending a lot more linden getting them if they have the patience and a quick hand.
  5. It is a biological instinct to protect our young, it is why people think you should inherently know. Such an instinct leads most of us to feel disgusted by such acts, it is ethically reprehensible. In addition to that, the damage done to a kid in such a vile act, will likely cause a lifetime of hardship for them. It is not a good argument to make to try to support your views on second life smoking, as it will not likely win anyone over to your side or see the point you are trying to make. You should drop it, and find another argument to try to prove your point.
  6. I wonder if they make a flavor to mimic the skunk taste and smell. Edit: Yep, apparently they do.
  7. My own view is that smoking is not usually done with the intention of harassing others, it is not a methodology of spreading hate and fear. For me, it is the intent behind the imagery, if the intent is meant to cause harm to others I am not opposed to censorship. This all dwells in one's sense of ethics though, and I rarely argue from the point of ethics considering I am nearly nihilistic and consider them to be based upon one's own subjective views rather than objective fact.
  8. To be fair, I remember when I quit smoking and seeing other people smoke could at times be difficult, and I would crave a cigarette. I'm sure some people who may be trying to quit, will likewise see an avatar smoking and have that desire arise. Seeing that picture of a cheeseburger a few posts up, legitimately lead to a desire for a cheeseburger. We all are influenced in one way or another, but we can not expect the rest of the world to tip toe around us in order to avoid temptation. We need to build our tolerance to such temptations, because short of shutting out the entire world, they will always be there. Now, I'm going to have a cheeseburger.. but it will be made from impossible meat 😜
  9. I don't think there are many kids playing SL, due to this I think it is almost pointless to argue over avatars smoking. For those who are older, and still easily influenced, we simply can not make a sterile environment for them without making SL incredibly bland.
  10. I went with one of the default avatars that come with SL, added a BOM mesh Ruth avatar body, head, hands, etc to smooth things out. Unfortunately, I did not use the alpha to cover my hips.. I'll have to find the alpha HUD later on, but I just wanted to experiment around with the default avatars to see how they would look with a Ruth avatar.
  11. I store most of my passwords locally, the downside of that is if my computer were to ever die I would lose all of my passwords... but - they are recoverable. I could go through the process of backing them up, but I am lazy. I use 2FA whenever it is available, as an added security measure. I don't have that many accounts, if a site requires me to make an account I usually just move on to another site that doesn't. In general I don't like storing data on other people's servers. I know it is the wave of the future, and it is convenient, but I like having all of my applications, games, etc, stored locally where I can access them without an internet connection. I like making mods to games, I like taking a peek at how applications work, and I just like owning things myself. The cloud takes a lot of that fun away, and often requires payment. Second life is the exception, but even then I like to have my own regions stored on a networked computer via OS that I can access when the Internet goes out, or if SL ever goes under.
  12. Unfortunately, I had to give up my lovely cabin in Bellisseria. Hopefully, for my birthday I will afford myself the luxury of another year with a premium account 🥰 Until then, I'm still having fun wandering around the roads, waterways, skies, and train tracks 💕 Choo choo! I really like the new fantasy themed homes, if I get my birthday wish then I think I might grab one of those
  13. My FPS made a noticeable improved when I moved the cache over to a ramdisk, set to 2.5gb. Previously, I had it set to my HDD and when riding my moped around I would experience horrible lag where my viewer would nearly lock up with the draw distance set to 64 or lower. While It is not a perfect solution, it is a lot smoother than before, my viewer is no longer locking up when I am riding around, and it is set at 128 meters. Even in Bellisseria where I would experience horrible lag, it is fine. The downside, is that I always have a 2.5gb chunk of memory in use.. considering how often I use SL and OS, it is worth it for me though.
  14. That is the point though If you want, you can download an application for Windows that will run the authenticator so it is always on your machine and you don't have to worry about ever losing it. It offers an extra layer of protection, if you want it. It is especially important if we participate on forums, as people can often pick up on our challenge questions just by topics posted. Have you ever seen topics such as, where are you from? What school did you go to? Your favorite pet? Etc, etc.. not usually worded in such an obvious way, but information we can willingly give out without thinking about. We leave a trail on the Internet, no matter how safe we are being. If someone were to get access to just one of your email accounts then they may have the ability to reset your other passwords. Not to mention, how many times email servers have been hacked in the past. Same with other servers out there, it is also why it is important to have a different password for every service you use. It is all a huge pita, especially when you have 16+ random characters that is different for every account. It gets to be burdensome. Not trying to scare you or others, but MFA is a bonus for us - especially for those of you who keep your credit card saved to Second Life, and have businesses here.
  15. If you have a chance, give FFXIV a shot as well. I found it to be an amazing game, and the story was great. The first 60 levels are free, and provides a few dozen hours of gameplay. I think I was around 6 days of playtime before I finished the main story quests.
  16. Apparently, our MFA cookies have a long shelf life. They stay chewy and gooey for over 24 hours. I checked to see if changing my IP via a VPN had any impact on the cookie, and it did not. I was able to still access all of my account information after logging in with my VPN without needing to enter a new token. I'm not sure what can be done about that, it goes beyond my paygrade, and I'm not sure how much of a vulnerability it would be, as someone might be tempted to snatch a cookie from the jar 🙃
  17. Typically, I will wander around aimlessly and enjoy the world you all have created.
  18. @Paul HexemI love how you have everything setup, it looks amazing.
  19. I think it might ask again if you log in incognito mode. I just tried it with brave, while keeping this session open and signed in to mfa and it asked me to put it back in on the private session.
  20. Try to change your password and see if the token pops up, it does for me every time I open a new browser. In fact, everything I have tried so far under the account listing on secondlife.com asks for the token for the first time upon opening the browser. If I close out of the tab and go back, it will still open without asking for a token. But if I close out of my browser and come back in, it will ask again. I have my browser set to delete history, cookies, etc upon closing.
  21. I don't think many people would feel comfortable with DigitalID, at least from what I understand of it. There was a thread here earlier regarding having people's real ID linked to their SL account, and it was not popular. With mfa, there is no need to link your real ID with SL. No real need for a mobile device, really. I tried it using WinAuth on Windows 10 and it ran fine, you just need to decode the QR code and put it in your favorite authenticator app, and it should work fine.
  22. @Luna BlissI use mine for just about everything, but rarely for phone calls 🙃 A handy flashlight for when I am walking my dog or the power goes out, a camera when I want to take a picture, a place to keep my grocery list, music for while I am out walking, a TV for when I am waiting in the car or for an appointment. I like that I can scan products at a store with it, check out reviews, and compare prices at other stores as well. The GPS is really nice also, I use that all of the time. Plus for when the Internet does go out, I can turn it into a wireless router and browse the Internet on my computer. Having access to a super computer (compared to what I owned before) in my pocket is nice, especially considering how cheap it is.
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