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  1. Hello to all! I just started this game with a single idea in mind. To meet people who like to fantasize and explore new things. In my 2 days I already met some people like me, good times. Anyway, the point is, I have some $40 dollars to spend on the game but I dont know what should I buy to increase my experience. I mean the first thing to buy is a better avatar, with more detail and some fine clothes. I already have the mens genitalia (thanks to a kind girl) so... what else? What do you recommend me to buy to increase my experienced with my casual encounters? I though I would need to buy sex poses but it seems is not the case. I'm a newbie so give me all the options that you think, I may not know them. ________________________________________________________ Aside from that, help me with this: viewer selection. I wanted a viewer with the better graphics, with a quick search it looks like Blackdragon is the one but holy cow, my GTX 1060 6GB cant handle to load all the characters on the popular areas. I went back to the default viewer but was wondering if the firestorm viewer has better graphics than the default one, what do you think? or another viewer that you recommend? Thanks for your time, really!
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