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  1. @Lillith Hapmouche I just restored it to the previous version but didnt really check it... but everything is working now. thank you all for the support, Luv for you all <33333333333
  2. yes, this case. @Odaks only a small update, i think. @Lyssa Greymoon
  3. But i have played SL With this Video card before 2 months
  4. Just got back on SL and installed Firestorm Viewer but the log in didn't appear at all so i tried Singularity and the results are the same... I'm running in Win10Pro 64bit specs CPU I5-2thG 3.10GHz , 8GB RAM , Nvidia GeForce 6200 LE - Total 1GB, All Drivers are updated. I don't have a clue what to do... Thank you for time and good understanding. BlairBuu
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